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Bosnia & Herzegovina


Quality of Road

Bosnia offers a great infrastructure for cars, which makes a Road Trip in a convertible fun as-well (in other countries the tarmac was sometimes inexistent and I hit the bottom of the car a couple of times). In Bosnia, that wasn’t a problem. All streets...

Bosnia & Herzegovina, the heart shaped land in South East Europe. Who would have thought how amazing a Europe Road Trip through Bosnia would be! It’s easy, super scenic and cheap! Here’s an itinerary of our 7 day road trip through central Bosnia.

We entered Bosnia from...

#1 Kravice Waterfalls

These waterfalls are like you walked into heaven on earth. They form large cascades on the Trebižat River. With a 120 meter radius lake at the base of the waterfalls, it definitely makes it a great spot for a picnic and a refreshing swim.  

#2 Mosta...

Looking down from the panoramic view point of Sarajevo. A beautiful multi-ethnic city and Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Capital, once held the Olympics (in 1984) with honour, had turned in a war zone in the siege in the 1990’s. Sarajevo siege started in April 1992 and ended i...

The sound of nature filled the air as we flowed on the river in the tranquil canyon. Fog crawled over the running waters and tickled our skin as we passed through it. It was like flowing in a mysterious adventure! The sound of the rapids came closer and that’s when the...

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