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Top Things to Czech Out in Prague

Prague is well renowned and is one of the most beautiful Capital Cities in Europe, making it a popular tourist destination. It’s beautiful and has untouched architecture that ranges from Gothic and Baroque to Romanesque and Renaissance style, all in a small space of its old town. Prague has formed and flourished thanks to the islands found on the Vltava River. These islands made it possible for the first settlers so that they could cross the river.

Prague is a true gem for history lovers as it has so much history behind its monuments and cobbled streets and pavements of the old town. There are so many things to do while in Prague. To help you out, we have collected a list for you to write down in your bucket list when in this magnificent city.

#1 Get acquainted with the old town

Walking around the beautiful narrow cobbled streets of the Old town is a must. You can explore the beautiful architecture and see the beautiful expensive Jewish quarters area. A great way to get acquainted in 2 hours is going on a donation based free walking tour of the city. They will not only show you the top highlights and places of interest but these local guides will share with you their culture and secrets on best and cheapest places to dine.

#2 Walk along Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of 17 bridges that connects the two parts of the city over the Vltava River. This bridge never sleeps. Its 30 expressive Baroque statues make it a photogenic bridge too. Many music artists and painters as well as jewellery vendors make the bridge alive. To avoid the crowds enjoy a walk early morning or late at night. Don’t forget to get a picturesque view of the river from the river bank.

#3 Visit the Prague castle

Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the Castle in Prague is by far the most significant building in the city since it is the oldest representation of the Czech lands. This castle has made it to the Guinness World Book of Record for being the largest coherent complex in the world. When you enter this magnificent building you are set aback by how big its interior is. Don’t forget to go up to the bell tower for impressive views of Prague’s red roof buildings.

#4 Witness the Astronomical Clock go live

The old town’s square is a great 1000 year historical piazza. Here the famous 1420’s Astronomical clock attracts at least 4000 visitors every hour to see it come to live for 35 second show, from 8am to 10pm. Its mechanism is original from 1420’s and has survived a fire. The clock shows, the normal time as well as the roman digit time as well as the zodiac time and calendar.

#5 Go on a Romantic River Cruise by night

One of the best things to do is enjoy a river cruise of Bohemian Rhapsody, the newest addition to Prague Boats fleet. This boat has glass ceiling for a scenic night journey on the river lit up while enjoying a delicious buffet on this 3 hour cruise along the Vltava River. You can opt for other boats with different tours with different time schedules and offers.

#6 Go back to the communist times through play

Prague golf and games offer an amazing live escape game which not only involves team work and great fun but it actually takes you back in time to the 1970’s during communism when media publication was very limited. To make the whole thing super real, the escape room is not only set with the old things found during those times but it is actually set in the same very printing factory. In this printing factory you can also enjoy a competitive game of mini golf in the dark while enjoy reading fun facts about the city.

#7 Leave your message in Prague at the Memorial of John Lennon

John Lennon served as a representative of disagreement with communism. Here people add their personal messages to the world, don’t leave Prague without leaving you own personal message to this brightly coloured graffiti wall.

#8 Get soaked in Beer

Beer Spas are popular in Prague. Here you get to soak in a bathtub of beer while getting free flowing beer for the one hour duration. It is believed that beer makes your hair and skin smoother, many people in Czech Republic even use beer shampoo for softer hair. Bernard Pivni Lazne Beer Spa is one of the popular ones in the city centre but beware – you’ll be continually served beer, whilst you are in the bath of beer that is seeping through your skin, directly to your veins. So yes, it would be a great idea to take a sober friend with you to be able to get back to the hotel!

#9 The Czech love their beer, do you?

Talking about beer, The Pub on Veleslavinova Street in Prague is on the outside just a regular pub. However on the back-side, it has 3 tables whereby you can drink beer with self-service beer taps at every table. The amount of beer that is being consumed by each table is shown on a monitor and seen by all involved. Naturally, the ego takes hold of the situation and the competitive nature of human beings is usually turned on.

#10 Visit Terezin

Terezin is nothing but a sad and dead town nowadays but it represents one of history’s darkest chapters. This is the place served as a camp during the Holocaust where 140,000 Jews were deported by the Nazi before being transferred to their death in Auschwitz. Sadly only 200 of them returned from this prison. It is not a happy place but definitely a place where you could understand the history further.

#11 And the last one is for the musicians

Prague is famous for its classical music shows. If you’re into Opera’s then Prague is the place to buy your ticket, because whereas other cities you need to pay at least €70, in Prague you can get it as cheap as €13.

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