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Our top 5 highlights in Czech Republic

Czech Republic was the highest country we have reached on our 2 month Europe Road Trip. Prague had a balance between scenic roads and lovely villages and cities. Here are our top highlights for Czech Republic.

#1 Prague

Prague will definitely make it on the top 1 list of our highlights. This charming city is divided by the scenic river and amazing bridges and there are so many things to keep you entertained. Check out the top things to do in Prague.

#2 Pilsen

Pilsen is a nice city famous for Pilsner Beer and its brewery found there and is only an hour away from Prague. But what made Pilsen so special was our hosts Jiri & Ludmila. These hosts and friends have inspired us so much because they share the same mantra as us and make money from their passion. Literally they make money from playing cowboy and Indians, read their amazing success ‘making money from your talents’ story here.

#3 Senohraby

Senohraby was only our base point to reach Prague since it was only a 30 minute drive to the city. But it ended up being one of our top highlights, as we slept in nature in a wooden cabin by the river, lit a fire and enjoyed the beauty of the stars.

#4 Driving Sumava National Park

Sumava National Park in Czech Republic was a beautiful drive in nature as well as along its magnificent lake. By far one of the best scenic drives in this country.

#5 Cesky Krumlov

This charming village in the South of Czech Republic was beautiful to visit. Disected by the Vlata River, with its charming Castle and narrow cobbled roads made it one of our top highlights.

#6 Visiting the Zoo

Well we’re not great fans of zoo’s but it was a nostalgic experience. We visited the Pilsen Zoo the second oldest zoo in the Czech Republic.

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