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Border crossing from India to Nepal- Sunauli border

So you've enjoyed incredible India and want to combine Nepal to your holiday. Here's how to get to the Border and getting visa on arrival in Nepal. If your last visit in India was Varanasi, from here you need to catch a train to gokaphur. Ideally you catch the night train which would arrive early morning, in time for the morning buses to the Border. If the night train is not possible, get the Early morning one like we did.We had a 3 hour delay and still managed. Instead of catching the. Local bus from gorakpur to the. Border which should only cost 150 rupee we got a taxi which we negotiated to 1200 rupee. That Only cost 300 each for the 4 Of us. Mind you, we were only 2 travellers but you are most likely to meet other travellers on the train. Ask them to share the taxi you would be doing both a favour. The taxi ride takes. At least 2. Hours so it's worth the price. Leave this area As soon as possible there's nothing nice About this area. First you get to the Indian immigration office where you'll need your passport stamped out. The Border is only 600m from the office. Easily walkable, but many rigshaw Drivers try to sell you a ride. Avoid buying bus tickets from Indian side it's mum cheaper to buy them from Nepal side.

Once you are welcomed to Nepal you stop at the immigration office. In order to be able to do visa on arrival you need to fill in 2 forms, provide a passport photo and have money in dollars depending on how long you wish to stay. 15 day visa costs $, one month visa costs $40, and 3 month visa costs $90. Make sure you exchange money from Varanasi accordingly. Visa on arrival is available for most nationalities except some African and Asian citizens. From this border you have the option to catch a night bus to either Pokhara 480 rupee or Kathmandu 700 rupee or if you can't be bothered with further long distance traveling, lumbini is only 27km, 2 local bus rides away for only 150 rupee. Lumbini is the birth place of Buddha, a place which many pilgrims travel to. A place with many magical temples and monasteries and many meditation centers. Definitely worth visiting before you head to the cities.


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