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Tips for trekking in Annapurna, Nepal

Trekking in Annapurna Nepal is certainly a great experience. It offer a great variety of treks for all levels. Make sure you follow these tips so that you trekking experience can be the best.

trekking in nepal

#1 Decide on your trek

Annapurna offers a wide range of trekking options from day treks, to short 4-6 day treks or longer treks up to at least 21 days. The permit however is one time entry only, so it is wise to plan the exact trek you want to do according to your time schedule so that you enter and exit once and not having to pay the €40 entry twice or more.

#2 Never trek alone

Trekking can be tough, some unfortunately would suffer from altitude sickness. Never attempt to trek alone. You can meet many people along the way, if you truly end up solo, hire a guide.

#3 Climb steady not over 600 meters daily

Plan your route according to the elevation levels of the villages you plan to sleep the night. To avoid high altitude sickness never climb more than 600 meters daily and carry out acclimatisation exercises to higher places, trek high sleep low.

#4 Take Iodine tablets

Keeping hydrated is key to avoid high altitude sickness. Water bottles can be filled from safe water stations along the way for 45-100 NR, however drinking tap and natural water is perfectly safe if you add an iodine tablet to it.

#5 Free accommodation

Haggle on having free accommodation as you would be eating both dinner and breakfast in that hotel at pricey costs. We never

paid for accommodation except for Jomson, however we were off peak, in December.

#6 Take a Power Bank & good care of your electronics

Some hotel charge 100NP per device you charge so having a good power bank can help you save money. Electronics tend to lose their battery faster in the cold so take care of your phone and camera battery by sleeping with them by your side and trekking with them close to your heart for body heat.

#7 Stock up on toilet paper

Toilet paper is non existent in the hotels in the mountains however you can buy it at 120NR. Stock up of a couple of rolls from Pokhara at 20NP each.

#8 Take Cash

Food can be very pricey up in the mountains, it is at least 3-4 times as much as you pay in the city. No ATMs are found in the villages except for Jomson. Take at least 1500NP per person daily to be comfortable.

#9 Invest in a Map

From the tourist office you can get a free map of the trails as well as the altitude chart, however investing in a bigger map is better for more accuracy and more detail.

#10 Renting warm clothes

As Nepal was part of my 6 month trip in Asia I was not equipped for the cold weather, neither did I want to buy due to lack of space. You find places to rent, but not everything, except for Jomson Trekking shop in South side of Lakeside.

#11 Getting the permits

Go directly to the tourist office, agents tend to charge 500-1000 NP extra. Check out how you can get your trekking permits here.

annapurna permits

#12 stock up on some munchies

Trekking is tough and you migh want to fuel your body with energy bars. Stock up from POkhara unless you want to pay three times the price.

#13 Travel light

Whatever you take up with you, you will end up carrying unless you can afford to pay a porter who charges between 15-25$ daily. Travel light, you already are doing strenuous activity, having a backpack more than 6kgs is to much.

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