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Airline Industry Secrets – Some Little Known Facts for the Laymen

Off late there was a thread posted in one of the question & answer sites Quora where someone wanted to know about some of the best-kept secrets on the airline industry. As soon as the question was posted, pat came replies from anonymous crew members and other insiders who started sharing their morbid stories which the passengers and laymen aren’t acquainted with. Although one of the most

popular and famous responses was from someone who alerted the passengers about not drinking airline coffee from the on-board drink service, yet there are many other interesting facts that you’re yet to know about this mysterious industry. Read on to know about few more interesting facts.

1. Booze bottles that are confiscated are drunk by the staff of airport

How about those cheap bottles of wine that you thought you could perfectly carry through? Well, if

they caught you and confiscated those bottles, don’t think that they discard them. Jason Harrington,

US Transportation Security Administration official claimed that most often it gets drunk by the

airlines staff. So, don’t you think the confiscated goods become their perk?

2. Flying is not always a great option for pets

An airline staff also admitted that majority of the dogs are pretty scared and wary even before they

land on the place. Cats however seem very casual about their flight experience. They advise people to

write the name of the pet on its carrier so that the staff can easily comfort them and make them calm

down. Giving your pets sedatives in order to avert them from getting scared is often discouraged by

most airline companies.

3. It is possible to purchase unclaimed items

In the UK there are numerous auction houses which sell off clothing, luggage, electronics and all sorts

of unclaimed goods and lost baggage and properties to the highest bidder. This has in turn become a

big industry and people keep visiting such auctions to buy such unclaimed objects.

4. You will tend to be safer when you board the economy class

The First Class and Business class might offer priority boarding, a meal on plates and also a glass of

champagne. But it was shown in a television documentary named The Plane Crash where the passengers who are seated at the back of the plane are more likely to survive during the event of a

plane crash.

5. You’re even safer when seated at an emergency exit

The same documentary mentioned above also said that if you’re seated within the six rows near an emergency door or window or aisle, this increases your chance of surviving a plane crash even more.

So, try to get such seats whenever you’re travelling.

Therefore, irrespective of the fact that you’re a layman or an airlines staff, you should always be

aware of such well-maintained secrets of the airlines industry so that you are not deceived by the

airlines industry officials. You can stay at an edge over others.

About Author:

Sam is a travel writer, contributing to various blogs for more than 5 years. The special thing about

him is, he likes to visit unknown destination around the globe, so you will find his write-ups very

interesting & unique. He also writes for Thepassportoffice which provides passport renewal in


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