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Adventure Travel Insurance

Together with our Partners World Nomads, we are able to provide you with top Quality Insurance that covers your next trip with us.

By following this link you will get all conditions needed for your next trip Insurance. It is important to choose the 'Explorer' Option.

Booking your travel insurance NOW is extremely important as you will benefit from the 'cancellation policy' - which means that should you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances, World Nomads would come in to cover the expenses you'd have paid (including to Kraze Travel) for your trip. 

For that matter, we suggest that you should get your travel insurance ASAP, ideally NOW.

If you've booked and paid for your overseas trip and need to unexpectedly cancel, the last thing you want is to be out of pocket.

Our travel insurance policies can cover some of your non-refundable, pre-paid transport and accommodation expenses, so you've got one less thing to worry about.

What does World Nomads travel insurance cover if I need to cancel?

All of our policies can cover you if you can't travel because:

  • The doctor certifies that you're medically unfit to travel

  • You, your travel buddy or a close relative is hospitalized or dies

But not all of our policies are the same. Depending on your country of residence, we’ve built in extra cover because we know more than illness can stop you from traveling.

When you get a quote, be sure to read through the policy to see if you've got extra cover, what the limits are, and any conditions and exclusions that apply.

What's not covered by travel insurance?

Travel insurance isn't designed to cover everything. Common claims we see where there's no cover include:

  • Where you change your mind

  • If your visa is refused

  • If you break up with your partner

  • Events that are known before you buy the policy

  • Pre-existing medical conditions that we exclude

This is not a full list of what's covered and not covered. There are item limits and conditions that apply, so for more information check out our article on cancellation and read your policy carefully before you buy.

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