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Luke Desira & Romy Desira - travel agents in Malta

Hi, we're Romy & Luke!

We're the heart and soul behind Tag Along Travellers. In 2016, we decided to Travel instead of Wedding Planning. 


We're living by our mission statement; Dream, Believe & Make it Happen, and we want to help you make it happen too. We want to Inspire you to  live the life you want to.

By following our hearts, we have decided to serve as travel agents in Malta. Kraze Travel is our baby.

The Desiras

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who are we
our story

How we've risked it all to follow our dreams

Some people call us crazy while other say we have guts. We simply decided to follow our dreams, start a blank page just 9 months before our wedding. We have now returned home 2 months before the wedding where we said yes even after traveling together 24/7. Now that the big day has passed, we will keep venturing for new adventures. Our wedding was featured here.

People who have helped us share our message

We aim to inspire people with our story to follow their dreams too no matter what they may be. We're thankful for the following who have shared our story which reached more people and helped us spread the love and inspiration. Click on the respective links to see what they had to say about our story.  

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