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Travelling VS Wedding Planning- will he still marry me?

Dream, Believe & Make it Happen, That's what I tattooed on my ribs as a reminder that anything is possible and we should live the lives we want. I remember most of my life being single, people described me as too outgoing, loud, fun and adventurous. Even my niece calls me crazy aunty for God's sake! And of course I was always the one with the travel bug, always saving up to travel! My friends were always coming (and still are) to my farewell and welcome back parties- but it was always a good excuse to party!). Seemed like no man could handle me!

Now, that I have found love and someone who loves me for who I am (Thank you Luke), I was proposed to at the age of 31. For the first time in my life I felt safe and secure, and started ahead with the wedding plans for 17/06/2017. And by the way, my now fiance knows me too well, check out his mega proposal below.

Adventurous but hopelessly romantic right? But back to focus! So I was feeling secure finally and in a steady relationship. But, Luke had other plans; he quit his job and asked me to go travelling for 9 months, returning only 2 months prior to the wedding date. PANIC! Travelling or Wedding Planning?? My heart was saying yes of course, being a traveller, but my mind shouted NO! Now that I felt settled, I had fallen in society's trap, I was who society expected me to be. Luke reminded me what my tattoo means to me. He has helped me remember who I am and he has motivated me to take that first and most important step, leave it all behind to make it happen.

Realising that I did not enjoy my full time routine, I followed my heart, quit my job and I am setting off on a 9 month adventure with the love of my life to start our lives together from scratch. A blank page, not knowing what awaits, except for the love we cherish. This will be a journey to discover ourselves, build our relationship and have a shared vision for our life together.

Our Wedding is very important to us and I will eventually have my dream wedding, even though I don't have much time to plan it, but having a strong relationship is even more important.

This journey is the ultimate test of our relationship, 24/7 together for the next 9 months, combined with wedding planning and self exploration- will he still marry me?

Remember anyone can follow their dream whatever it may be! Just do not let society get you trapped in its ways! We want to help you get inspired, check out our Inspire me section!

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