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Europe Road Trip

In this page we will share our own experiences of the 2 month Europe Road Trip, that we've done in 2016. We drove through scenic windy roads, crossed borders and explored 11 amazing countries in Europe including our home country where we left from.  This is the kind of travel we did before we starting working on Kraze - as Travel Agents in Malta

Our journey started from the Balkans, going all the way up to Prague, in Czech Republic, and coming back down all the way through Italy. 


The Journey started off from Malta, our home country. We got a ferry to Pozzallo, in Sicily and drove straight to Messina, where got another ferry to Italy. After we spent  a night in Italy, we drove to Bari to catch a 10 hour night ferry to our first destination: Durres, in Albania. From here is were our journey begun. 

We did a 6 day road trip in Albania with various stops along the way. We headed south of Durres and drove all the way down the Adriatic coast from the amazing Llogara pass road. From Sarande we started heading North to start with our Europe Road Trip in Albania. In total we drove a total of 1,012.8km and we can safely say that we've covered most of the best attractions of this peculiar land.















We got through to Montenegro from the south after leaving Albania. We went there with the intention of barely passing through, but this country proved to have great scenary and history. We spent almost a week in Montenegro. Most of this journey was easy and straight forward as we did mostly the coastal parts of this gorgeous country. 

Montenergo can be part of a great Europe Road trip as it offers scenic roads and pleasant stops. For a detailed 5 day itinerary click here. For information about the roads and laws and tips on certain routes check out this blog. We drove a total of 139.2km but that's because of 3 days we used the car of our tour guide, which greatly saved some mileage from our own car.






From Montenegro we drove to Dubrovnik, in Croatia and then headed to Neum which is from where we started Bosnia. We didn't know much about this amazing country before doing a Road Trip here, but we are very glad we now know what this country has to offer.


We  knew we wanted to go Sarajevo, so our general route passed us through Mostar, then Sarajeco, followed by Jajce, and a final stop in Banja Luka. We did a total of 1332km in 7 days.

Bosnia has so many treasures that lie just a few hundreds of meters off the main roads. 


We entered Slovenia, to continue our 2 month Europe road trip from Zagreb and took the longest scenic route along the Sava River. Being a relatively small country we opted to base ourselves in Ljubljana.

Slovenia welcomed us with rain and so we only visited for 4 days in which we covered a total of 700km. We spent the first 2 days of our road trip in Slovenia, exploring the North west and South west of the county, which gave us a great doze of nature and picturesque views. The third day we spent in the actual city of Ljubljana and on the 4th we explored the east side of the country.


Following our adventures in Slovenia, we wanted to head further North to arrive in Czech Republic, but we didn’t want to miss what Hungary has to offer. So with this in mind, we decide to explore the west side of the country, and we’re sure glad we did. As evidence by Our Top 5 highlights in Hungary, we had a blast in the 6 days we spent there.

We drove in Hungary through Letenye and, surprisingly, there was not a single sign advising that we had  left one country and entered another. No border control, no welcome sign. Our first stop was in Heviz, a town that hosts the 2nd largest thermal lake in the world, Lake Heviz. Over here, we had the privilege to be gliding over Heviz in a Hot Air Balloon.

Heviz is also close to Lake Balaton – the biggest lake in Eastern Europe. We had the luxury of time, which allowed us to explore the lake all round. We headed up to Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park is a peaceful park north of the lake, and was a great stop by the lake on the way to Budapest.

The Capital city has plenty to offer, as you can read in our Top things to see and do in Budapest, so we spent a couple of days here. But if you have limited time, you can also enjoy exploring magnificent Budapest in 3 hours. After this short stop, we drove to Bokod to take a peak at its lake, where its wooden floating village reminded us of Asia. From Bokod we headed to Gyor which to us was the stepping stone to Bratislava, which is only 50 minutes away.

Our journey was to take us North up to Prague, and therefore we didn’t have time to explore Slovakia. But we couldn’t miss what Bratislava had to offer, and whilst at it, we also want to see Vienna. So we spent 2 days in Bratislava and set of on a mission; that of exploring Bratislava and Vienna in 2 days, on a budget.



We spent a total of 7 days in the Czech Republic covering a total of 696 km. We entered Czech Republic from Bratislava and headed to Brno. From here we made it to Prague our last base before starting our road trip journey back down.


We passed through beautiful off the beaten track villages and you can see a detailed itinerary below. It was a great road trip in the Czech Republic you can see some of our top highlights here.


Czech Republic was a mixture of roads under construction to beautiful scenic roads and you can find all the detailed about the road situation here below.  

We covered a total of 472 km in 4 days. We decided to spend only 4 days in Austria since it is very expensive. In fact we opted to sleep in the south of Germany instead of Salzburg because it was much cheaper. But this detour took us to the gorgeous city of Munich so it was worth it. 


Since we entered from the Czech Republic we started off from Linz and we had already seen Vienna when we covered 2 cities in 2 days from Bratislava.  From Linz we had one of the most scenic and stupendous drives in the road trip. This romantic drive took us to beautiful lakes in Austria, mountain villages and the cutest villages. 

Our last stop in Austria was beautiful Innsbruck from where then we entered Italy. 



The first  time we entered Italy was to start our whole journey, in which we drove to Bari to catch the ferry to Albania. The second time round we entered Italy from Austria, the very north of Italy. Being Maltese and needing to return to Malta, which gave us the privilege to road trip all of Italy in 14 days covering a total of 1807km. 


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