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Packing convertible 2 Seater for  a 2 month road trip

Doing a road trip in a 2 seater convertible is way cool, fun and stylish but its size can be tricky to manage to fit everything in especially when going for a long trip.

We have recently experienced a 2 month Europe Road Trip in a Mazda MX5 and we have shuffled the car upside down several times till we got it right, and we had the most efficient way to pack.

#1 Separate the things which are used daily, which things that are used often and those that are used rarely or in case of an emergency.

The things which we use daily like toiletries, pyjamas, underwear, and electronics like chargers. These should be all together in a small backpack, so that when you change accommodation all you need to take with you is this bag. All you need to do is daily change your underwear and/or clothing in the bag. This bag has to be stored at the top when in the boot so its easily accessible, along with your laptops if you’re carrying any. In this daily bag we also placed a small jar of coffee and powdered milk, to use when we had hotels that didn’t provide breakfast.

#2 Using and making the most of your small internal space

Pray the lord that the person travelling with you as a passenger is short, like I was! This helped in putting the seat 15 cm forward, leaving enough comfortable leg space for myself, plus loads of space to place stuff behind the seat. Imagine in 15 cm width we managed to place, an inflatable mattress and pillows plus their pump, bed sheets as well as a 4 men tent and one sleeping bag! So if you don’t plan on camping, imagine what that space can be used for!

#3 Using the internal compartments

We read loads of books and write our journals so we kept those under the seats. We used the glove compartment for insurance, tickets and green card.

We used the compartments behind the seat for first aid kit and medicines, things that hopefully you rarely use and hopefully won’t need often.

The compartment in the middle of the seats we used as a bin. Having a bin was important to keep the car clean. Always replace the rubbish bin daily to avoid any smells.

#4 Packing the Booth in an organised way

To the right we of the booth we had the clothing all separated in bags according to type, t-shirts, shorts, underwear, leaving the opening to the bag accessible so that anytime we needed a piece of clothing all we had to do was remove the laptops. This also helped having the laptop on something soft.

The things that had to do with cook outs like, washing liquid and sponge etc where placed in the small basin we carried with us. Together with the frying pan, saucepan and cutlery, they were placed in the central part of the booth. On top of which we placed the mobile stove. This way we had all the kitchen in the central area.

On the left side we placed the ingredients in a bag. Any newly bought products where placed here, unless they were nibbles which were placed at the front to be accessible during our journey.

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