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Travel Agents in Malta

Hello, we're Luke & Romy! Welcome to our world :) We are travel agents based in Malta, Europe.

Our passions are adventure and travel, as they make us feel alive. They push our physical and mental capacities to the limit. As they say, “The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page.”


With that in mind, we decided to create Kraze Travel.


An adventure travel agency in Malta which acts as the medium through which we channel our passions to enable people to live their dream life. 


Many people have Dreams about travelling, or about adventure, yet sometimes they remain just that – Dreams.


We want to help you #MakeItHappen.


Postponing your dreams is risky. What if is something were to happen to you that would stop you from living your dreams in the future? There is only Now.

map for our travel agency

Why we decided to become travel agents in Malta.

Once again, we have risk our Entire Future to


We are Luke and Romy. In mid-2016 we decided to follow our hearts, leave it all behind, and travel together for 9 months, coming back just a few days before our wedding - with minimal wedding planning. This story was deemed to be so Krazy, that was featured by Lovin Malta, Xarabank, Kulhadd and others.


On the 17th of June 2017, we got married, and it was an epic celebration of our love. It was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best day of our lives. We shared a day filled with emotion and fun, with our friends and family.

luke & romy behind kraze travel agency

Taking this decision wasn’t easy for us, but our inner guiding light enabled us to filter out the suggestions of the people we love most, and to follow our heart. To do what we really wanted to do.


Dream. Believe. And make it Happen.


That is the mantra that’s tattooed on Romy’s ribs, which also happens to be the mindset that Luke has held throughout his life. Our is based on our common belief.


We believe that everyone should live their dream life. We choose not to follow the crowd – not to do something because it seems logical, or because everyone else is doing it.


We only do the things that we really want to do.


We detest the idea of falling into society’s trap – of doing the things we are told to do. But we want our life to be an expression of our passions. We believe that by doing what we love best, we will be making the best use of our time on Earth.

The Leading Adventure Travel Agency in Malta

An important part of living the dream life means that we must have a job that we love. Our work, needs to give us space whereby we can use our natural talents, and where we can do what we love doing.

Luke, an engineer by profession love the challenge that a new business brings about. A dare devil by nature, he's always ready for an adventure. He also loves improving business processes in fact he's a certified ISO 9001 Consultant in Malta

Romy, on the other hand is a total travel freak. She's thinking about travel day and night. And has been doing so for the past decade, accumulating quite a bit of knowledge, experience and contacts along the way.  

We want to help You to #MakeItHappen. Through being Travel Agents in Malta we want to help people live their Dream. We aim to give you amazing experiences whilst travelling exotic countries. 

We are not a 100-person group type, like other Travel Agents in Malta. We only take a maximum of 16 people per group. Only like-minded people are naturally inclined towards our group. People joining us on our trips aren't just our clients. Indeed, they are people who have used us as a channel to make new friends. 

Kraze travel agency

Now we do understand that travelling, and hardcore adventure isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You might have friends who you love as family, however their passions may be different than yours. Or you may be looking for a fresh start. Or you may be a couple who’s looking for a wider circle of friends.


Whatever your background we are offering a tribe of like-minded people. People who Dare to Dream. People who would rather #MakeItHappen, than postpone living their dream life.


Our clan meets regularly. We go trekking around Malta's scenic cost, and we also organize other events where we get the opportunity to mingle, and get to know more interesting people.

group of people with travel agency in malta

Periodically, as Travel Agents, leaving from Malta we organize trips to various destinations, including Nepal, Peru, and Morocco. We also organize trips aimed at a specific experience – such as skydiving in Malta, or mountain-biking.


On these trips we take a maximum of 15 like-minded people. Being in a small group, and engaging in memories that will last a life-time, over the time we have seen countless lasting relationships grow.


One such relationship is ours. Dana, was Luke’s best friend. And she was also Romy’s best friend. Way back in August 2012, Luke decided to tag along on a trip to India that Romy had organized. This 15 day trip resulted in a new friendship between Luke & Romy. Over time, this friendship has evolved into a relationship, and now, 5 years later, we are married and using our talents as Travel Agents in Malta.

friends that met through travel agency
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