Vacation in Austria

Incredible Austria


Quality of Roads

  • There might not be any sign of borders between Austria and other EU countries but the perfection of the roads makes you realise that you have started the road trip in this country.

  • No matter which roads, be it highways or secondary roads Austri...

Austria was one of our top favourite countries to road trip. We only spent a total of 5 days because being on the road for 9 months before getting married requires being on a budget and Austria isn’t very budget friendly. But here is our top 6 highlights in Austria.


In total we only spent 4 days in Austria since it is very expensive especially when it comes to accommodation. This was the second time round in Austria as we entered Austria the first time to Vienna for the day from Bratislava and explored the 2 cities in 2 days.

We s...

Little did I know about the ease of accessibility and the close proximity of some places in Europe before I went on a 2 month road trip.

Bratislava and Vienna are the closest 2 capital cities in Europe, if you do not take into consideration the Vatican City and Rome of...

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