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Road Tips & Info to help you, before going on a Road Trip in Austria

Quality of Roads

  • There might not be any sign of borders between Austria and other EU countries but the perfection of the roads makes you realise that you have started the road trip in this country.

  • No matter which roads, be it highways or secondary roads Austrian’s roads are close to perfection.

  • A road high up in the mountain wet with humidity still has good grip on the tyres making you feel comfortable when driving.

Scenic Roads

  • Austria is one of the best examples for scenic routes. But make sure you actually choose the scenic routes, Google maps tend to choose the highways and the shortest route, or it would be a pity to miss out on their alpine views and lake side roads.

Fuel Price

  • The price of fuel in Austria is around €1.38 per litre.

Traffic & Speed

  • Speed limits in Austria are very low.

  • We only realised why Austrians abide by the speed limit so much when we ran by two speed cameras who enjoyed taking a photo to our picture perfect car. Well we haven’t yet received anything so we can’t comment on the price of the fine, all we can say is that their beautiful roads are useless when you get so bored abiding by the exact speed limit.

  • These speed cameras are probably the reason why other drivers actually abide by the speed limits to perfection.

  • The minimum days you can buy the highway toll pass is for 10 days for only €8.80. It was the one of the cheapest passes in this road trip.

  • There might be additional tolls due to be paid –when you enter specific roads like the mountain road to Postalm you have to pay €10 or €5 after 4.30pm. Having said that that specific road isolated in the mountain was not only perfect in quality but outstanding in scenery and deserved every cent. However the A13 is the one that connects to Italy and is another €3 for the highway toll. But if you are staying around the country to visit Innsbruck and nearby areas you can easily avoid this highway and use 182.

Ease of driving

  • Most drivers in Austria give way.

  • The road is entertainingly scenic however you might drop dead bored of driving so slow.

Resources whilst on the road

  • Petrol stations are relatively common, and are of varying brands

  • Austria is very expensive when compared to other countries, so it could be a good idea to stock up on the food in neighbouring countries before entering Austria.


  • Austria is landlocked and surrounded by 8 countries so road tripping to Austria should be easy no matter where you are entering from.

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