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4 day budget Road Trip Itinerary in Austria

In total we only spent 4 days in Austria since it is very expensive especially when it comes to accommodation. This was the second time round in Austria as we entered Austria the first time to Vienna for the day from Bratislava and explored the 2 cities in 2 days.

We second time we entered Austria from Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic and our first stop was Linz where we based ourselves for the night.

Linz was just our base for our next day’s long romantic drive through Austria’s scenic roads all the way to the south of Germany in Rosenheim where we decided to sleep for the night due to the discrepancy in the prices compared to Salzburg. When you are travelling for 9 months before your wedding, budgeting is a must! This drive took a total of 5 hours, so if you want to see them all and well you need to do it early in the morning.

Austria might lack the sea but its lakes and magical mountain views definitely make up for it. From Linz we drove to Traunsee, a beautiful lake whose main tourist attraction is the medieval castle Schloss Ort.

From this lake to Hallstratter See. A lake which attracts many tourists for scuba diving. From here we drove to its main and gorgeous town of Hallstratt, famous for its 16th century Alpine houses and its beautiful Gothic church standing high reflecting on the lake.

From Hallstratt to Gosau which led us to an adventurous and most certainly scenic mountain drive up to Postalm. The long narrow roads in the mountains to this ski resort was simply amazing.

From Postalm we drove to Wolfgangsee another lake close to Salsburg. We didn't have time to visit Salzburg, the drive was very long, that's why I suggested doing it early morning. Then again when you are on a road trip, cities are the least places you want to visit due to the heavy traffic. Rosenheim was our base for the night in south Germany, which was our gateway to visiting Munich the next day since it is only 1 hour from the city.

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