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Our top 6 Highlights in Austria

Austria was one of our top favourite countries to road trip. We only spent a total of 5 days because being on the road for 9 months before getting married requires being on a budget and Austria isn’t very budget friendly. But here is our top 6 highlights in Austria.

#1 Driving

As mentioned above, road tripping was one of our highlights in Austria. Its picture perfect scenic roads, windy mountain roads and roads by the numerous charming lakes made it impossible not for it to make it on our top list.

#2 Vienna

Even though we only spend a day in Vienna which we covered from Bratislava (Slovakia) and covered 2 cities in 2 days, we got a very good feeling of this magnificent city. It’s Austria’s capital and in 2001 it was listed as a UNESCO heritage site. Its monumental architecture is what impresses tourists here. Is It has such a harmonious blend of historic and modern buildings creating an impressive cityscape.

#3 The Swarovski Fountain

The Swarovski Fountain, in Watter, was one of the most impressive public fountain we’ve ever seen. It’s a piece of art as well as a marketing campaign for Swarovski. It’s massive and prominent head covered in moss makes it look like coming out of nature and the eyes are shiny Swarovski bulbs. This is where we took our pre wedding photos in Austria.

#4 Hallstratt

Hallstratt is the cutest village in Austria. Set on the gorgeous Hallstratter See Lake this beautiful village has it all. With its 16th century Alpine houses and Gothic church reflecting over the lake makes a very photogenic village.

#5 TraunSee Lake

Austria might lack the coast but it definitely makes up for it with its lakes. TraunSee Lake is very beautiful and a very popular tourist destination.

#6 Innsbruck

Innsbruck is the capital the west state of Austria, Tyrol. It has beautiful imperial buildings overlooking the river and is renowned for its winter sports centre.

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