Vacation in Czech Republic

Czech Out this lovely Country

Quality of Roads

  • As soon as you enter from the Eastern side (Slovakia) you’ll notice that Secondary roads as well as highways are relatively bumpy.

  • In Czech Republic, it seems that all roads are all under construction. This shows that at least action is being t...

Czech Republic was the highest country we have reached on our 2 month Europe Road Trip. Prague had a balance between scenic roads and lovely villages and cities. Here are our top highlights for Czech Republic.

#1 Prague

Prague will definitely make it on the top 1 list of...

As part of our Europe Road Trip we spent 8 days in total in Czech Republic, Prague being our highest point reached in Europe.

We entered Czech Republic from Slovakia after visiting 2 cities, both Bratislava and Vienna in 2 days and made our way to Brno. On the way we pa...

Prague is well renowned and is one of the most beautiful Capital Cities in Europe, making it a popular tourist destination. It’s beautiful and has untouched architecture that ranges from Gothic and Baroque to Romanesque and Renaissance style, all in a small space of it...

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