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Road Tips & Info before going on a Road trip to Czech Republic

Quality of Roads

  • As soon as you enter from the Eastern side (Slovakia) you’ll notice that Secondary roads as well as highways are relatively bumpy.

  • In Czech Republic, it seems that all roads are all under construction. This shows that at least action is being taken on the roads which aren’t of good quality, as they are being all reconstructed.

  • We visited in September, which still formed part of their summer season, which makes it the ideal time for them to do road construction as they are not interrupted by rain or snow.

Scenic roads

  • Czech Republic has nice scenic routes. There are no mountain views, however there are hills and greenery.

  • Most scenic route was through the Sumava national park at the south west of the country. This scenic route also passes you along a beautiful lake.

  • The price of fuel in Czech Republic varies highly. We bought it at €1.22 at times and another time at €1.08 per litre. That makes a big discrepancy in the fuel prices, so shop around unless you are desperate.

Traffic & Speed

  • Highways which we encountered on the west part of the countries are single lanes which make it hard to overtake.

  • Due to the construction happening around the whole country, traffic is an issue at the moment.

  • Highways tend to pass through towns which causes traffic or driving at low speed.

  • The toll system in Czech Republic is by bundle. You buy one for minimum of 10 days for about €13. If you are staying for longer they offer one for a month.

Ease of driving

  • Drivers in Czech Republic are good drivers. Sometimes you find those who stay on the fast lane, but as soon as you show them that you want to overtake they move to the slow lane.

  • Drink driving in the Czech Republic is out of the question. They are very strict regarding this matter. In fact if someone is caught cycling a bike under the influence of alcohol they would take away your driving licence. That’s how serious the matter of drink driving is.

Resources whilst on the road

  • Petrol stations are frequent enough for the somewhat irresponsible driver.

  • Since most highways pass you through towns, many supermarkets and anything you need can be found along the way.


  • There was no sign of border between Slovakia and Czech Republic which makes it so much easier when on a road trip in EU countries.

  • Czech Republic is a landlocked country bordered with Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. Choose your pick depending where you are coming from.

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