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Saving Luggage Space when Backpacking

backpack storage space

We all love backpacking, but let’s be frank! Just before checking in at the airport: How many times did you panic that you are overweight and actually had to pay for the extra luggage weight? How many times did you end up looking like you put on a couple of kilos from wearing extra layers of clothing to save on the luggage overweight? How many times have you wished you had more luggage space in order to buy the beautiful carpet you saw on the market place in Morocco or that colourful throw-over from Thailand or that canvas painting from Malaysia.

Here are some tips on how to save space in your luggage to be able to buy and fit anything you like throughout your travels and avoid disappointment.

1. Use clothes Multi purposely

When backpacking for a long period of time, you need to choose what to take and what not to take, since you can't fit all your wardrobe in a backpack unfortunately. Best thing to do is to use the same item of clothing for several things, for example a scarf/ sarong could be used as beach dress, a beach towel or as a curtain for privacy when on the lower bunk bed. Do not take both a trekking boots and a pair of sneakers, if you can trek in the same sneakers then you are going to save so much space.

2. Making your clothes disposable

One one wants to throw away their good clothes! I’m referring to your oldest panties or boxer shorts, your torn socks and old bras. Take all your old unwanted underwear collection and use them as disposables while travelling. Throw away those socks with your toe sticking out, throw away that boxers with worn out elastic and throw away your old shabby bra after a couple of times wearing them on your travels. This not only helps you save space in your backpack but you have finally managed to clear out your old underwear collection, something you have been meaning to do for months, and to be honest you know you needed to invest in new undies anyways!

3. Old fashioned clothing

Some clothes still look brand new, but they have just become unfashionable, or you just can’t stand the colour any more. Apart from that, ‘’ One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”, so giving your old clothes out to the homeless you saw on the street or to a local you have just met or dropping them off at an orphanage, is a way of making space in your luggage to buy new clothes while making someone happy. Wear them and once you are ready to give them away, simply take them to a local laundry to be washed clean and decide who to give them to. I’m sure you will be thrilled to go and buy those harem pants you have check out from the market the other time and the best part is you will have the space for them to fit!

4. Fill in your backpack with stuff for others

Travelling should not only about the scenery and the destination, it could be also about charity, giving your time to the locals and sharing things with them. I normally find space for sweets and toys to give out to kids. Let's face it it is wonderful to see them smile. This tactic not only helps me to get up close and personal with the local kids, but when I hand out the things I brought for them, my luggage space is there for me to utilize it according to my needs.

5. Pack like a Pro

The way you fold clothes could spare loads of space in your backpack. Here's a great way of folding clothing to both save space and keep them from wrinkling!

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