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Dream, Believe and Make it Happen

Do you DREAM about things you want to do, the person you want to become or the goals you want to achieve? But what is dreaming if you don't believe in them and never make them happen? I'm pretty sure you've encountered rough patches in life and bumps in the road, life is not plain sailing, however you should never give up. Dreaming is great when you combine it with the second stage BELIEVE. Unless you truly believe in your dream you can never get to the third stage, which is the best part, MAKE IT HAPPEN. He's a short blog of how I have managed to make the dreams I truly believed in, make happen.

I always had the travel bug but my first priority was getting a University degree. I was always an average student and this did not make it an easy task. Being determined is the key to success, I had enough exams to get into University but not for the Bachelor in Education, the course I aspired to do. I didn't want to settle for just anything so I re took the exams to get better grades. Did you ever re take an exam? Trust me I know the feeling I re took Biology A level 6 times which took me 2 years but somehow the fact that I was determined and I believed I can do it I managed to get better grades! And guess what? That determination has led me to my dream in graduating in B.Ed and I did make it happen, even if it wasn't ideal to do everything 2 years later. You could see it as 2 years wasted from my travelling experiences, but instead I decided to be positive about it, as I was more mature, knew exactly what I wanted and after all no matter how long it took, I made it happen!

I used the same technique for my travelling dreams, I couldn't resist my wanderlust, but having just graduated I was broke! So I worked hard throughout the scholastic year, I believed I could do it, even on a small teacher's wage. I made it happen by starting my travelling adventures in Ethiopia doing voluntary work, a journey which thought me so many lessons. (check out Life changing lessons Blog here). But as they say once you pop you can't stop, the travel bug was still there, so I worked so hard to do my 10 month trip to Australia, the place I was born. With determination, sacrifice and belief I made it back after 23 years and it was an incredible journey. (check out blogs about Australia here).

I came up with my motto DREAM, BELIEVE & MAKE IT HAPPEN on a journey with my travel buddy in Thailand, and I made sure I don't forget it, by bamboo tattooing it on my ribs. Beware, sometimes life does not help you realize your dreams, don't get trapped in societies ways, God I know I have sometimes,! But thanks to Luke, he keeps reminding me of the tattoo that means so much to me!

How do you feel when you make a dream come true? Satisfied, happy, content, a winner! Never give up, always be positive, and whatever your dreams are, being travelling, career, family or anything else, make sure you believe in them and make them happen.

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