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How Travelling helps you step out of your Comfort Zone

What's your comfort zone? It's your safe place! It's a nice place where you feel at ease however it doesn't allow growth. Have you ever read the quotes saying, 'life begins at the end of your comfort zone' (by Neale Donnald Walsh) or 'the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek' (by Joseph Cambell)? It might be confusing, or not easy to understand if you've never experienced it.

Challenge yourself! Living outside your comfort zone helps you to be confident, live your dreams. It gives you a purpose in life, helps you be successful and exciting. For me, travelling has been the ultimate way which has helped me step out of my safe place and that's where I found the magic and I've understood these quotes. Travelling gives me the determination I need to make it happen.

Yes for those who know me they would see me as adventurous and spontaneous, but that's not always the case! For starters I'm freaking afraid of heights, but I have always dreamed of sky diving! Since I believe in my dreams so much, all I needed was that extra push to actually take that step towards the unknown, get out of my comfort zone. I'm not saying it wasn't scary, oh believe me it was at first, but I wanted it more than I feared heights. Now I can understand why they say that the magic happens outside your comfort zone. For first time I have experienced a pure adrenaline rush , something that once you taste; the excitement, the thrill, the rush, it hard to live without.

I've always hated snakes, for some reason they creep me out. When travelling in the outback of Australia we had several encounters with snakes and I didn't like people making fun of me for being so scared. So with a little courage I started moving closer, until I touched it and after several attempts I actually held one. I can't say it's something I would keep doing just for fun, but just being in a different country; travelling helped me do things outside my comfort zone.

I always wanted to do water rafting but I was always scared of capsizing, and ending up in a rough stream of water. Being in Borneo, travelling in general, makes me want to do more, experience more. I've done it and the raft did capsize, in the end? I was amazed, it was pretty fun and one heck of a great experience.

It is easy to say 'What if I can't?, how about rephrasing that into 'What if I can?' Make sure you are positive in whatever you do. Leaving your comfort zone can be scary but in the end will have rewards, you'd expand your capabilities, be happier and gain experiences.

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