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Top 9 Places to Visit in Montenegro

Montenegro is a beautiful country in the Balkans, part of South East Europe and should definitely be on your bucket list. But if you are visit Montenegro the following are the top places to visit.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefani is the WoW on the Montenegro’s coast. This peninsula is renowned as the most expensive spot in the area. This area is popular with many Hollywood celebrities going on a holiday to Montenegro.


Budva is the most popular tourist destination in Montenegro. With its 12.5 km of beautiful beaches that lie on its Riviera, its gorgeous old town and hot nightlife. No wonder this town proudly carries the nickname ‘The Queen of the Mediterranean’.

Kotor Bay

Kotor is a beautiful village in the bay which is about 28 km long with a shoreline extending 107.3 km. Surrounded by mountains and its old town with its fortress makes it rich in heritage. In fact it is a UNESCO site.


The postcard village in the Bay of Kotor, with its Venetian architecture, makes you feel like a post card. Our lady of the Rock Church in the middle of the bay opposite Perast is definitely the highlight of this gorgeous village.

Lovcen National Park

It has to be one of the top places to visit, it’s a national park after all. But its highlight is the Mausoleum at the mountain peak, which looks like a pathway to heaven.

Rijeka Crnojevića

The beautiful river that leads into Lake Skadar is surrounded by mountains and is full of bird life and nature. The road leading to this river give you a bird eye view of its full curve.

Serpentine 25

25 curves make up the road from Kotor to Lovcen mountain, definitely one of the top as it gives you a birds-eye view of the Gulf of Kotor.

Sveti Nikola Island

A beautiful island in the Adriatic sea opposite Budva with 3 sandy beaches. Definitely worth the boat trip over!

Tara Canyon

The deepest canyon in Europe, making it the second in the world after the Grand Canyon. Here you can do water rafting and visit the most beautiful bridge in Montenegro.

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