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White Water Rafting through the beautiful River Neretva

The sound of nature filled the air as we flowed on the river in the tranquil canyon. Fog crawled over the running waters and tickled our skin as we passed through it. It was like flowing in a mysterious adventure! The sound of the rapids came closer and that’s when the rafting adventure had begun.

Wow that was a beautiful welcome to the Neretva River early morning in Bosnia & Herzegovina. This is the largest river on the Eastern side of the Adriatic and the only river that feeds into this sea. It flows mostly through Bosnia & Herzegovina (being 208 km long) and finishes in Croatia (only another 22 km long). This river has crystal clear transparent waters which flaunts a beautiful pebbled river bed. Its waters are not only beautiful to see but also good to drink. Yes that’s right! Neretva Basin holds the most significant drinkable spring water.

The only way to see this beautiful river is to either hike or to raft through it. We opted for the rafting for a great relaxing yet adventurous day out. The rafting trek takes you down 24 km of the river and get ready from some pretty views and a fun day.

After a good breakfast and coffee in Konjic, the bus drives you 30 minute up a scenic route to Glavaticevo (Bukovica) where the rafting journey begins. Most of the 24 km is easy with flowing water making the raft experience a relaxing one in which you can soak in the beauty of this river. You can swim in these clear waters and flow along the river. Don’t forget to drink some water while you’re at it!

The river also has two canyons. The small canyon, Bukovica, is famous for cliff jumping. Even Red Bull professionals jump from this gorgeous spot! Here you can cliff jump from small or higher spots.

A lunch stop is done at Rakitinica area, where another river feeds into Neretva. Here the guide prepared a delicious Bosnian lunch of Cevapi, traditional beef BBQ, on open fire.

After lunch, you get to raft again and after a while you get to the big canyon, Neretva Canyon. Wow, here is where the adrenaline begins! With trees hanging over the rugged river bank, birds gliding up and down the canyon. Some small water falls feeding into the river! It’s just paradise.

But the adrenaline and adventure stars kicking in at the Neretva Canyon. This is where at least 5 fast rapids occur. This is where team work is most important for this sport especially if you want to stay in the boat! This journey was not only about relaxing and admiring the river. It was a great fun, with adventure, adrenaline and exercise. You pass through these rapids before you know it, with river splashing in the boat, it is one great adventure.

If you are in Bosnia & Herzegovina between June and September then you are lucky as you are in the right time for rafting. If you have a waterproof camera, then taking it is a must. Other than that, Raft Kor offers everything including wet suits and life jackets. The rafting price is only €35 for the full day, including breakfast and lunch, transport, insurance and an English speaking guide. If you are travelling with children, then you shouldn’t miss out on this great highlight because this rafting is level 2-3 and is also suitable for children aged 4 and up. If you are more of a trekking person then Raft Kor can also provide hiking tours for another perspective of this gorgeous river.

Here is the Video of this amazing day!

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