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7 day Road Trip Itinerary in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina, the heart shaped land in South East Europe. Who would have thought how amazing a Europe Road Trip through Bosnia would be! It’s easy, super scenic and cheap! Here’s an itinerary of our 7 day road trip through central Bosnia.

We entered Bosnia from Durbovnik through the Border in Neum, where we spent 2 nights to enjoy the only coastal town of Neum in Bosnia.

From Neum we drove an hour and a half to the breath taking and definitely one of the highlights in Bosnia, Kravice waterfalls. Here you can spend a few hours relaxing, swimming in its beautiful lake and having a picnic.

If you’re catholic stop by the Međugorje a famous spot for pilgrimage and only 20 minutes away from the waterfalls.

From Međugorje a 40 minute drive up the R424 takes you to the amazing town of Mostar, where you can spend the night. Here make sure you take a stroll in the old bazaar and cross the beautiful old bridge. If you’re into cliff jumping, it’s possible to do from this 25 meter bridge.

From Mostar next stop will be Konjic, only an hour away on the very scenic river route E73. Here you can discover the River Neretva’s amazing canyons and scenery by white water rafting.

Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo is only an hour away from Konjic. Here make sure you visit the Tunnel of hope which would pretty much explain all you need to know about Sarajevo’s siege back in the 90’s.

From Sarajevo to Jajce, along the way you can stop to visit the biggest pyramid hills, which are best observed from the highway. Jajce, has beautiful park with waterfalls only 2 minute by walk from the center of town as well as a beautiful fortress at the very top.

A very scenic route takes you from Jajce to Banja luka though E661. On the way make sure you go to Park Plivsko Jezero, with its amazing lake and dam this place is definitely picturesque. From the E661 make sure you stop at these coordinates 44.492599, 17.152636 to get the most amazing views of the whole curve of the Vrbas River. From here to Krupe waterfall where they use the rivers energy to generate machines that grind cereals into flour.

From there to Banja Luka, a big city in the north of Bosnia & Herzegovina and only 2 hours away from Zagreb.

Here is a great read to get acquainted with the roads and what to expect when going on a road trip in Bosnia.

Here are details of the highlights in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The Road Trip is all documented here!

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