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How Travelling as a Couple effects your Relationship

So by now you might have read somewhere that we have ditched our jobs, and wedding plans to travel for 9 months, going home just 55 days before the wedding. It was not an irresponsible move that we've done, as a sort of final spree before wedlock.

We didn't ''travel to escape life, but we chose this lifestyle for life not to escape us''. Travelling gave us hands on experience on how to do long term budgeting, and gave us us the opportunity to explore new cultures of peoples around the world. At the end of the day we live many days and only die once, hence we insist of each day to good use. We choose to "Dream, Believe & Make it Happen".

It's easy to complain about work, Monday blues and other things in life, but unless you're going to take that first step you'll end up living in the same rut and routine.

Travel is made out of experiences. When travelling you are instantly outside of your comfort zone. That gives a great sense of adventure - not knowing exactly of how things will turn out to be. Every day doing something new. With no predictability. Changing your bed, hosts, and supermarkets, every day. No sense of routine. Nothing can be gotten used to. You change country as soon as you have got used to the culture, the money and its people. This makes our relationship exciting.

Every day you get to discuss about basic things that you'd like to do. Which cities you want to go to, what are you going to do whilst there. How are you going to spend your day. Travelling makes you choose from the menu of life. Where every day you get to decide what you want to do, and decide together. You will reach compromises about small, and bigger things.

We are not only creating memories together but through travelling we are spending so much more time together. Our life before taking this decision dictated when and how we meet. We used to meet after work, when we are both tired and during the weekends where we are too busy running around doing errands. Life had gotten pretty busy, and we were not finding enough time to talk. Not just exchange a few words, but really have a deep conversation to explore what's going on in each other minds.

Travelling has given us the freedom to spend every single second together. Some might see this as a bad thing and yes it can be. Being 24/7 together is healthy as long as you make sure to make it worth-while. So be sure to include what we call 'me time'. It's ok to need some time for yourself when travelling as a couple, especially if it's going to be for extended travels (more than 2 weeks). Wanting some time alone, where you can let your mind wander, or when you have some time to catch up on your Facebook posts, is only natural, so you must allow that freedom to one another.

Travelling as a couple puts you in situations where you need to reach compromises, if not, the frequent decisions that must be taken would lead to conflict. When travelling for a long time together you will learn how to let go of a grudge. After all you don't want to end up in the same room with someone you have a grudge with. So travelling helps in making arguments look smaller and it will help you get over them faster.

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