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Our top 7 highlights in Slovenia

Our Europe Road Trip passed through Slovenia, and due to it size, it was very easy for us to appreciate it's most important marvels in the 4 days we spent there. The follow list will give you a great overview of what to make sure to see when visiting the lovely country.

# 1 The Škocjan Caves

These are a 3 million year old, 6 km underground natural phenomenon. Through which a river flows underground with large chambers as deep as 150 meters. These caves are also listed as UNESCO’s natural and cultural heritage site, definitely one of the best highlights. For more information check out this detailed blog.

Source of photos: archives PŠJ

Author of photos: Borut Lozej

#2 Soča River

The Soča River is known for its emerald coloured waters in fact it is referred to as the emerald river. With its crystal clear waters and canyons, it is definitely one of the must visits when in Slovenia. You can also enjoy rafting on this river. If you want to know more about Discovering the Emerald River in Slovenia, check out out blog-post.

# 3 Water falls in Slovenia

Boka waterfall and Kozjak waterfall are both very nice waterfalls that feed into Soča River. Boka is the highest standing 106m from the mountain, while Kozjak is small but its path and passageways leading to it makes it a great setting.

# 4 Predjama Castle

Situated in south-central of Slovenia, this renaissance castle, is one of a kind. They refer to this castle as half-cave, half-castle, as it was built in a cave's mouth, half way up a 123m cliff to make it difficult to access.

#5 Ljubljana

I’m not much of a city girl, but this city is the smallest and greenest in Europe. With its large pedestrian area, Ljubljana doesn’t have the busy city vibe but rather a chilled out atmosphere with its gorgeous cobbled stone streets and coffee shops along the river.

#6 Ptuj

This gorgeous town over the Drava river is covered in red-tiled rooftops. This is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia and has a medieval history with its architecture and castle to flaunt it. This town is best photographed from the opposite side across the bridge where is reflects in the Drava river.

#7 Sleeping in a prison cell

Sleeping at Hostel Celica in Ljubljana, was one of the best experiences we've had in Slovenia. Situated in Metelkova, Ljubljana, this is not just any hostel. It has a chilled, hip vibe and happens to be an ex-prison. So we slept in a prison cell, now a highly renovated and artistic room. This art inspired hostel boasts impressive internal features, with colourful designs, yet still has some features of the actual prison like the prison bar still stand there from the 1882.

Here is our Video of our top highlights in Slovenia.

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