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Top things to see and do in Budapest

Get the best panoramic views from Fishermen’s Bastions

It’s called fishermen’s bastions because at the bottom of this part of the bastions at Mount Castle is where the fishermen used to fish by the river and where the fish market was held. From here you can see panoramic views of the Pest side of the city reflecting over Danube River. This is a perfect spot for you to admire the incredible Parliament building during the day.

Visit the Basilica, St Stephen

St Stephen’s Basilica or Cathedral is located on Pest’s part of the city. Here you will find the oldest human hand belonging to the 1st king of Hungary. Scientist can’t understand how somehow this hand did not decompose. It is also possible to climb up the dome of this Basilica from where you can enjoy a fantastic view of Budapest.

Enjoy a scenic view from Castle Hill

From the Royal Palace side of Castle Hill you can enjoy not only scenic views of the river but you can also see closely the Citadel and Liberty statue on the same side, the Buda side.

Enjoy a Game of Escape

For those who are not familiar with the game of ‘Escape’; it is a live game whereby you have 1 hour to escape from a room. It involves a lot of teamwork, effort and mind games to find clues with codes that are necessary to get out of the room on time. Scavenger is a high quality franchise operator that offers 3 rooms with different levels to choose from. We have had the opportunity to try all 3 rooms, and all are great fun, and have their own challenge. This id definitely a fun experience while in Budapest. For more information visit Scavenger Escape room in Budapest.

Enjoy a Danube River cruise by Day

The Danube River crosses 10 countries, and passes through 4 capital cities. Budapest possibly enjoy the best views of this river because is passes right from the middle (between Buda and Pest) and therefore has amazing architecture on both sides of the river. Going on a boat tour by day is a great, relaxing experience, as you can enjoy the cruise while admiring the historic buildings that reflect on the Danube River. We have been on this tour with the company operating from Dock 8A. When purchasing the ticket, you are allowed to use it over a span of two days, night and day, hence enjoy both a day and a night cruise.

Visit Margaret Island

The same ticket of the Danube River cruise can take you to Margaret Island is in the heart of the Danube. Here you can find things to do for everyone. The park found on the island is where you can relax and have a picnic. In summer you can enjoy a swim in the outdoor pools. There is also a Japanese garden and a small zoo. It is also famous for runners as there is running trek around the island.

Enjoy a Sunset River Cruise

The Sunset River cruise is another way to explore the Danube. It’s a totally different experience, you can see the buildings transform from day to night. At night lit up buildings reflect in the river. Perhaps the most impressive building in Hungary is the Parliament Building that you can admire at night from this river cruise. This cruise is ideal for for a romantic night out. Tour operators serve either cocktails, wine or dinner. We opted for some cocktails and we must say that we really enjoyed feeling the fresh breeze on our skin, sipping the tasty pina colada, whilst admiring the scenic route on this magical 2 hour ride. For more information visit

Go on the Ghost tour

The ghost tour is the first of its kind in Budapest. It will reveal the terrifying dark side of the city, brutal secrets and mysteries, black magic, vampires and witches. While "victims" are walking in narrow streets and passages they will hear both true stories and mysterious legends of Budapest. The show is performed by a professional English language actress in a scary but absolutely entertaining style.

Discover Budapest deep within

Another way to discover Budapest is through its underground natural caves. These caves have formed over millions of years by the movement of the water in the thermal springs that has carved the earth to create these spectacular natural wonders. The Pál-völgyi Stalactite Cave and the Szemlő-hegyi Cave are two beautiful natural caves on Buda side of the city.

Indulge at a Spa

There are many spas in Budapest, in fact it has been nicknamed the city of spas since 1934, because it has more thermal springs than any other city. Bath Spas are an important part of Budapest’s history as they date back to the 2nd century, however they have flourished in the 16th century during the Turkish occupation. To this day there are still over a hundred Spas spread around the city.

Stroll by the river

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life are the most simple. A stroll by the Danube river could very easily classify as such. It’s a beautiful long promenade to walk along. It’s busy with many boat vendors trying to sell tickets. Here you can see the beautiful bridges connecting Buda and Pest closely. The oldest bridge is Chain Bridge which was built in 1849.

Shop till you drop

If you’re into shopping, and have the finances to back you up, then you’re at the right place. Vaci Street in Budapest is the main shopping street. It is a pedestrian street located on Pest’s side. However there are also other shopping malls located outside the city centre.

If you are visiting Budapest on a tight schedule check out how to explore Budapest in just 3 hours.

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