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Italy Road Trip Itinerary

We passed through Italy because being from Malta, we had no other option. Italy is our gateway to Europe by land. Not that I’m complaining Italy is beautiful but very big, so that limits our time in other countries.

The first time we started our 2 month road trip we drove through the east coast of Sicily all the way to Bari in 3 days. From Bari we bought a ferry ticket to Albania Durres for €190. This is where our journey had really begun.

The second we entered Italy was from Austria, Innsbruck, in which we slowly moved towards home. Our first stop was Schio, this is where we found cheapest accommodation closest to Venice, for only €11 a night for 2. Schio was our gateway to see Venice, in fact we only has an hour drive. The next day we drove to Lago del Garda which was 2 hours away, quite far but nothing could beat the price of that accommodation.

From here we drove to Bologna. Our initial plan was to go to San Marino from here, however, due to problems with our Visa for India for our next trip we had to make a long 4 hour straight drive to Rome to get to the Embassy of India, where thankfully we have sorted that out.

From Rome we choose to drive through the suburbs and not the highways which was such a lovely drive through, Nemi and its stunning lake, all the way by the scenic coast to Itri.

Gaeta was only a 20 minute drive from Itri, where we got to see the beautiful Grotta del Turco. From here we made our way along the coast, we skipped Naples because we aren’t city lovers and made our way through the windy coastal roads to reach the Amalfi Coast. Here we stayed for the night at Maiori, and in the morning we explored Ravello and its beautiful views over the coast.

We made our way to the beautiful and scenic roads to reach the isolated village of Foria. Very tranquil area in nature.

From here we took a long drive to get closer to home this 4 hour drive took us to Reggio di Calabria, where the next morning we caught the €38 euro ferry to Sicily.

At this point we couldn’t be bothered to see more we were tired, plus Sicily and Italy are places close to home so we can road trip here any other time, so we based ourselves on the outskirts of Catania and stayed in a family’s campervan in their beautiful backyard from the last 3 days where we had the chance to wind down. Here we visited family in Pedara who happened to be there for the weekend.

And finally 60 days have gone by, our road trip came to an end, so we made our way to Pozzallo.

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