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The Thar Desert Camel Safari Adventure, Rajasthan | India

If you’re looking for different, cultural and adventure then the camel safari is one of the top things to do while in Rajasthan. Khuri is only 45km from Jaisalmer and from here you can start your safari.

Upon arrival at the resort we were offered tea, coffee or chai. Once we have settled and we were ready to go, our camels were prepared for the safari. It was great to be on the camel safari privately, for your group only. We were guided by a sweet 10 year old boy wearing his school uniform. You can opt to ride the camel or for those who would find it difficult climbing one you can sit on a cart and the camel can pull you.

The camel ride, which was surprisingly rather comfortable, takes around an hour. It is such a peaceful ride in nature, along the sand dunes, tranquility, only the sound of birds and the camel’s chewing. Through the never ending sand dunes we were taken to a view point where we have witnessed the beautiful sun set. Until then you can relax enjoy a cold drink or beer which people would be selling. A young talented boy fills up the surroundings with his sweet sound of drums which got us in the mood. Until the sun kisses the horizon good bye, and you can witness the beautiful sunset.

Then the camel took us back to the resort where we were welcomed with a local band playing traditional musical instruments. A lovely vegetarian Indian dinner was prepared and the entertainment kept getting better, two traditional sarree dancers livened the night up. By the end of the night everyone was dancing and learning some Indian moved by the bon fire.

When it was time to sleep we were given an option to sleep at the resort or in the desert. So we opted for the more adventurous option and we are so glad we have. We were driven by a jeep into the desert. This type of accommodation only consisted of a bed surrounded by sand dunes, no tent, just us, the blanket, the stars under the moonlight. It’s was such a beautiful night. To top it all off we woke up at 6.30am to witness the sand dunes being lit up by the early sun rise. Then back to the resort to fill our tummies with a delicious breakfast.

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