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4 days in London VS 16 days in India- What would you choose?

People always ask me how do I manage to travel for such lengthy holidays. Apart from the obvious, the time required to actually travel, I would say that money isn’t the issue. Not because I have my daddy filling up my visa, I have been financially independent from my parents since I was 16. It’s the way you choose to travel and the places you choose that help you to travel on a long holiday.

People normally go on short holiday breaks, and end up spending a fortune. I myself have been to London for 4 days and have spent €1500. I know what you’re talking about, great night outs, shopping non-stop, great restaurants and must see museums.

But if you want to go on a long holiday you need to decide whether you’d rather want to go on a very short, luxurious holiday and buy plenty of materials, sight see and learn nothing. Or invest in a flight that is more expensive compared to the low fare airlines in Europe, but the exact same amount of money you spend in London you can spend in a span of at least 2 weeks, or how much your heart desires or has time to.

First ask the following questions:

  1. Would you rather travel for a short 4 day holiday or 16 day trip or more?

  2. Would you rather live inside your comfort zone or explore the magic beyond?

  3. Would you rather buy materialistic things or create long term memories?

India is one of the countries which can help you travel on a lengthy holiday because it’s cheap, helps you explore the magic beyond your comfort zone due to its extensive culture and create long term memories in a place different from home.

When travelling to a place like India, you need to travel with an open mind. It’s like you have entered a time machine. Like you went 70 years in the past, where throwing outside wasn’t a crime, arranged marriages is normal, women walking for miles to get some water home is their everyday routine. The culture and customs are out of the ordinary; they worship millions of gods, they wear colourful sarees, they believe in reincarnation. In India everything is possible. Literally!

Travelling India is so cheap that:

  • for the same price you travel London in 4 days by subways and transfers, you can get a private driver for a whole 2 weeks

  • for the same price you book an average hotel outside the heart of London you can get a nice luxurious hotel

  • for the same price of buying one pair of jeans in London you can fill a wardrobe of chilled clothing and so many souvenirs

  • for the price of one dinner in London, 2 people can eat for a whole day

  • for the half the price of entering Madam Toussaud you can see one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal.

Most importantly is that travelling to India is not just a holiday, it’s a way of learning. Learning through different cultures and learning through different ways. You may not always like what you see but there is always a lesson to learn. Returning home a changed person is what you take back home with you.

If you are interested in creating memories in India, we can help you #makeithappen. Contact us for a customized tailor made trip or see this sample itinerary.

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