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The easiest way to travel in India

India is a huge country, and finding the easiest way to travel in India in a short time can be tricky. If you are planning a trip to India then you must be a traveller who loves to indulge in culture. You aren’t afraid to explore what is truly different. You love discovering older ways, because sometimes being in India makes you feel like you’ve travelled back in time.

Travelling in India can be pretty tricky especially if, like us you are the day to day traveller and never plan. Travelling around India requires pre-planning (albeit little information can be found online) and it requires you do not plan it wisely.

Travelling by bus in India is not even an option. Let’s say they exist of course but aren’t the best option for foreigner; once you’re here, you’ll see why…

When choosing the mode of transportation in India you need to either sacrifice some money to travel more comfortably with flexibility or it’s a matter of sacrificing time. Unless you have more than a month to explore this beautiful country then I would suggest the little more money option, discussed later in this blog.

The most common way to travel in India is by train, however if they are not pre-booked and pre-planned get ready to sacrifice a lot of time. Overnight sleeper trains can help in making time irrelevant because you sleep throughout the journey anyway. The only problem with trains in India is that they are always fully booked because it’s the most common method of transport even by the Indians themselves. Booking trains online is quite impossible unless you have a local mobile number, which trust me I have tried buying a Vodafone Sim card and the line never went through. The other option is to buy the ticket at the train stations. This is highly not recommended because you are expecting at least 3 hour queues to purchase your tickets and its very likely that you don’t even find the ticket for the exact date you are looking for, so in this case you need to be very flexible and be ready to wait; that’s why ad-hoc travelling by train is suggested only to those who are planning to stay for more than 1 month in India.

If your visit in India is shorter than a month then it’s not worth wasting your time. Pre-planning your trip is the best option. By planning your trip in advance you’ll know where you will be going, making sure that you will visit the most important places, and at the same time have peace of mind knowing that you have organised transport to get there, and suitable accommodation.

We’ve done these kinds of trips ourselves, so we can help you with this through experience. Whether you want us to plan your itinerary using trains all the way throughout the itinerary or opt for a private driver for a part mixed with trains, we are your people. We have contacts we trust who’ll help you make the best use of your time and the best possible itinerary to enjoy your holiday in incredible India. Namaste.

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