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Top things to do in Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is a city which attracts most travellers because it is the hub of most activities in Nepal. Lakeside is a picturesque area in Pokhara is the place to be, with many things to do. Here’s the top things to do in Pokhara, Nepal.

#1 Trekking

Pokhara is the base for all trekking in the Annapurna region of Nepal. The region has several trails, from 1 day trekking, to 4 days and even 21 days, Annapurna has it all from easy to hard treks for all hiker levels. Tilicho Lake the highest lake in the world found at 4919m is also found in this region and if you opt for the Annapurna circuit trek, you would be passing from the highest mountain pass in the world at 5416 meters. The good news is that if you are on a tight schedule you can do the Annapurna Circuit it in a few days, here is how. Check out how to get the permits to trek the Annapurna Trek.

things to do in pokhara, trekking

#2 Paragliding

From my experience the best and top thing to do in Pokhara is paragliding. It’s another world, being up there, mid-air, facing the Himalaya’s and overlooking Thewa Lake. Paragliding is a great experience of fun, adventure, adrenaline and funnily enough relaxation, find out why in my blog Paragliding in Pokhara. You can do this great adventure with Happy Fly.

things to do in pokhara, paragliding

#3 Phewa Lake

If you go to Pokhara base yourself at an area they call lakeside, by Phewa Lake. This is the centre of attractions in Pokhara. It’s a beautiful lake by which you can dine and relax, enjoy a stroll by the promenade as well as sail a boat and even visit the island temple in its middle. North side tends to be cheaper than south side of the lake, in terms of both restaurants and accommodation.

things to do in pokhara phewa lake

#4 Mountain views

Pokhara is a beautiful city because it has a beautiful panorama of Annapurna I to IV. The pointed snow capped pinnacle, well known as the fish-tail dominates the views with it boasting high in the skyline.

things to do in pokhara

#5 Get a massage

There is no doubt that after a great strenuous trek, one of the most things you will look forward to is a great massage to loosen those tight muscles. The best part is that Mountain Trek Spa Pvt. Ltd. offers a full body mountain trekkers massage. A combination of stretching complemented by deep oil massage, a great way to conclude the trek.

things to do in pokhara mountain trekkers massage

#6 Peace Stupa

Whether you decide to reach the Stupa, by boat and trekking up the hill, taxi or motor bike, this is on the top lists to do while in Pokhara. The views of the Phewa Lake with the Himalayan backdrop is outstanding.

things to do in pokhara peace stupa

#7 Outdoor activities

Pokhara is well known for its outdoor activities which include, canyoning, white water rafting and canoeing.

#8 Adrenaline activities

For travellers who seek an adrenaline rush bungee jumping and zip lining are also available in this diverse city.

#9 Sarangkot

Sarangkot is a village on a mountain edge standing 1600 meters high. This is a great spot to witness both sunset and sunrise with a great mountain and lake view. This is the same very spot where Paragliding takes place, so you can enjoy a hike up to here while enjoying the scenic colourful sky full of paragliders.

things to do in pokhara

#10 Enjoy a free table tennis

At the south side of the lake, concrete table tennis are available by the lake where locals enjoy their daily training. You can easily enjoy a free game against the well trained locals.

things to do in pokhara table tennis

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