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1 month Itinerary in Laos

Laos is the perfect country to spend one month in. It's rich in nature, from tree covered mountain backdrops to wild rivers, caves and picturesque waterfalls, it's definitely one of my top places to visit in South East Asia. It's not the best place to visit on a budget however.

Here is a one month itinerary in Laos easy paced from south to north.

Day 1: We entered the border from Bangkok direct to Pakse in the south on a night bus and got our 30 day visa on arrival.

Here's more information about crossing the border from Thailand to Laos.

Day 2: We found our self a nice room in front of the river and spent the day in Pakse relaxing after the long journey here.

Pakse Laos

Day 3: We spent another day in Pakse, shopped around for the best prices on motorbikes to do the Bolaven loop.

Here's more information about the Bolaven Loop Itinerary Including Coordinates.

Day 4: We left Pakse and started our 4 day journey around the Bolaven Loop. Slept in Tad Hang

Day 5: We visited some beautiful waterfalls in the area.

Day 6: We made our way through the loop to Paksong.

Day 7: Today we visited more waterfalls and head to Pakse.

The Bolaven Loop Itinerary

Day 8: We opted to keep the motorbike for another 2 days to visit historical Champassak.

Day 9: We visited the ruins at Champassak and in the afternoon made our way back to Pakse.

Champassak Laos

Day 10: We relaxed for another day in Pakse after the beautiful motorbike journey.

Day 11: Bought a bus ticket to Don Det, at 4000 islands a 3 hour bus ride away.

Here's a blog about the top things to do on Don Det, 4000 Islands

Day 12: We enjoyed a walk around Don Det to admire the beauty of this island and its people's lifestyle.

Day 13: We got an afternoon happy boat tour to a beautiful long Beach at the Rivera bank somewhere around 4000 islands.

Day 14: We enjoy the day relaxing and tubing along Don Det ' s river bank.

Day 15: We rented bicycles and hopped over to Don Khone over the historical French bridge to see the beautiful waterfalls and this other island.

things to do on Don Det

Day 16: We caught a bus to Thaket and spent a painfully long day on the bus to reach the place.

Day 17: We spent the day exploring Thaket and enjoying the river view over Thailand. We rented a bike to do the Thaket loop.

Day 18: Our intention was to do the 4 day loop to Konglor cave. Today we drove a lot saw many caves and by the evening realised we haven't done a fraction of the loop. This was a long loop on main roads with large trucks. We decides to abort mission.

Day 19: We head back to Thaket stopping at beautiful caves we ve missed on the way there. In the evening we got a night bus to Vientiane.

If you have time you can do the loop but it's a long and painful one. Unfortunately the buses to get to konglor aren't easy so we opted to give it a miss and head straight to Vientiane.

Day 20: We spent the day in the busy city. We visited the beautiful market along the Mekong 's river bank.

Day 21: We visited Buddha park in Vientiane.

Day 22: We got a mini van to Vang Vieng. It was a long windy road and resulted in motion sickness.

Day 23: We rented a motorbike and spent one of the best days of our motorcycle journeys around Vang Vieng.

Here's a related blog about Vang vieng by Motor Bike.

Day 24- 27: We fell in love with beautiful Vang Vieng and decided to stay for 6 days! It's a nice place to chill out, party, tube, explore the lagoons and it's surroundings.

Note: there's no need to spend as much time but we wanted an easy pace. You can use the extra 3 days we spent in Vang Vieng to do Nong Khiaw.

Day 28: We caught a bus to Luang Prabang

Day 29: We explore the city by day and night.

Day 30: We enjoy the day outside Luang Prabang visiting one of our highlights in Laos Tat Sae and Kuang Si waterfalls

things to do in Luang Prabang

Departed Laos by plane to Hanoi.

Here's a breakdown of the total cost for 1 month in Laos.

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