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Things to do on Don Det, 4000 Islands | Laos

Never have I thought that a landlocked country like Laos would have islands, beaches and great swimming spots! But Si Phan Don or better known as 4000 islands makes this possible and it's truly a beautiful spot and one of the highlights when visiting Laos. Even though there's not much to do but relax and enjoy the pristine beauty here's the things you can do while visiting these beautiful islands. And by the way did I mention its a top spot for potheads? You'll understand why when you read the top things to do in Don Det.

Things to do on Don Det

#1 Happy Boat Trip

Go on a boat trip with Happy Bar. This is one of the top things to do while on Don Det. The boat trip's meeting point is at the Reggae bar on the island at 2pm. The trip costs 100,000kip per person. The boat takes you along the 4000 islands up the Mekong river to a big beautiful white sandy beach where you can relax, swim, enjoy a beach football game or play with the Frisbee. They are very generous with cigarettes. Enjoy a beautiful sunset and a delicious BBQ around a massive Bon fire. Manny is the guy in charge and he definitely makes sure it's a ''happy'' sunset boat trip.

Happy boat trip things to do on Don Det Laos

#2 Cycle

Hire a bicycle for 10,000 kip and cycle for the day around the island to see the beautiful rice fields.

cycle things to do on Don Det Laos

#3 Visit Don Khone

Hire a bicycle to Cross the historical french bridge onto Don khone for 35,000kip and go to the beautiful waterfalls of Somphamit. Later you can relax at the beach close to these waterfalls or catch a boat ride to witness the Irrawaddy dolphins, boat ride a cost around 140,000kip per boat maximum 4 people.

Don Khone things to do on Don Det Laos

things to do on Don Det Laos

#4 Tubing

Hire a tube for 10,000kip and tube along 1km of Don Det 's shore in the Mekong river. It's a relaxing journey as this part of the river is slow allowing you to tan while enjoying the scenery and witnessing the lifestyle of fishermen along the coast.

#5 Kayak

Go kayaking on a guided tour to explore the hidden gems around the islands.

#6 For the Potheads

Make sure you visit Adam's on the main road. They offer ready made rolled ones, and you can add the Happy ingredient to almost anything on their menu. Enjoy playing free games at Adams from PlayStation to monopoly, darts or table soccer

#7 Relax

Don Det is a great spot to relax try and get a hut by the river side to be able to relax on a hammock.

#8 Enjoy the epic Sunsets

Sunsets in Don Det are beautiful, relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets to close the beautiful days here at 4000 islands.

things to do on Don Det Laos

#9 Walk around the island

Walking around the island is a great way to see its locals relaxed way of life and living. You get to see locals cooking, others getting ready to go fishing, women choosing rice and children at school.

things to do on Don Det Laos

#10 Enjoy a boat ride

A boat ride around will allow you to explore the beauty of 4000 islands, its river front temples and hidden gems.

things to do on Don Det Laos

#11 Go Fishing

You can get many fishing tours, but the best and most authentic way is to speak to a local fisherman and make him take you with him.

things to do on Don Det Laos

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