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Vang Vieng by motorbike | Laos

My expectations of Vang Vieng weren't great since its known as a place to party, where backpackers get drunk and just party. But I'm so happy we came here and didn't let other bloggers talk me out of it. It's not too bad with regards to parties I mean there are plenty of relaxing bars by the river you can go to. But most of all the most beautiful day you can spend here is exploring this amazing place by motorbike.

Vang Vieng by Motor Bike

Semi automatic Motorbikes can be rented for 40,000kip or automatic for 50,000kip. And here are the exact places including the coordinates for you to find easily for a great day and one of the best motorbike rides of our travels.

So we left Vang Vieng and crossed the wooden bridge for free across the river. Please note there's another bridge which you have to pay a toll crossing the first bridge is free.

Vang Vieng by Motor Bike

First location: The mountain view (18.930173,102.438747)

The motorbike ride to here is by far a great one through rice fields with a 360 degrees of epic scenery.

This is a mountain view point in which you climb to see epic views over Vang Vieng, costs 10,000kip to climb.

Second location: Lusi cave (18.934927,102.425077)

Only a km away from the view point another beautiful narrow dirt road to the cave. We decides not to enter the beautiful ride was worth the drive. Cave costs 10,000kip.

Third location: Blue Lagoon 3 (18.942444,102.337433)

This beautiful lagoon is the best out of the two lagoons in this itinerary. Its 40 minutes from lusi cave. It's less frequented by tourists and it's so fun. For 10,000kip you can zipline or tarzan your way into the lagoon. Enjoy a fresh swim and have lunch. Try to get here by noon because at 2.30pm the sun stops reaching this lagoon making it colder to swim and less easy to dry off.

Vang Vieng by Motor Bike Blue lagoon 3

Fourth Location: Tham Poukham cave (18.9284414,102.379919)

This is a cave that Costa 10,000kip to enter and is on the way to the next location.

Fifth location: Blue Lagoon 1 (18.926020,102.395160)

This lagoon is more commercialised and frequented by groups of Chinese tourists. It was jam packed even though we visited at 4pm. It costs 10,000kip to enter and you can use their platform jumping point or tarzan swing to jump in. There's a slide which you need to pay 10,000kip extra and from here you can go ziplining through the tree tops for 200,000kip for 25 minute zipline.

Vang Vieng by Motor Bike, blue lagoon 1

Last location: Sunset point or silver cliff (18.917745,102.416189)

This is a must to end your beautiful day with an epic sunset behind the gorgeous mountains. Best 10,000kip spent. It's a picture perfect place. Get here by 4.30pm to take it easy to climb 650 meters which is a touch one and takes around 30 minutes but it's definitely worth it. On the way down it would be ideal to have a torch because once the sun sets it might be difficult going down in the dark.

Vang Vieng by Motor Bike sunset point

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