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Cost for 1 month in Laos

Laos isn't a cheap Asian country like it's neighbouring ones. However we still managed to backpack Laos on a budget and here's the exact breakdown of our expenses you'll need when visiting Laos. The cost for one month in Laos for us was a total of €1172 for both of us. Everything is calculated for 2 people since we're a couple and come in a pair.

Cost breakdown:

  • 36% on food

  • 24% on transport

  • 18% on Accommodation

  • 9% on alcohol

  • 7% on entertainment

  • 2% on others

Food in Laos is more 'expensive' than its neighbouring countries, where as in Thailand you can eat on only €1.50, in Loas you need a minimum of €3. We spent a total of €432.86 on food for a whole month for 2 people, which included all breakfasts, lunches, dinners, fruit and other snacks. You can get a buffet at the night market in Luang Prabang for only 15,000Kip.

A total of €288.96 was spent on transportation for a whole month for 2 people. €92.78 was spent on buses which included a night bus and 4 other long day journey buses. The visa was added to transportation which cost €64 euro for both. We spent €81 on motorbike rental and its fuel for a total of 11 days. Cheapest motorbike rental was in Vang Vieng and Pakse for 40,000Kip for a semi-automatic bike. Expect to pay much more for an automatic bike. In Thakek the motorbike cost starts from 60,000Kip and the most expensive is in Lunag Prabang which at rented at 100,000Kip. Around €40 was spent on taxi rides to and from the bus stations to the centre. And the rest was spent on parking fees, bicycle rides and a ferry. Here's an itinerary for Vang Vieng by Motorbike and The Bolaven Plateau Loop Itinerary by motorbike.

the Bolaven Loop

We spent €214.46 on accommodation, most of which were private rooms. We only slept in a hostel for 2 nights in Vientiane because that’s where the accommodation is the dearest. Average we spent per night was around 55,000Kip if you exclude Vientiane. Accommodation in Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang are prices but we managed to get a rate of 100,000Kip a night.

Alcohol and tobacco was a total cost of €117 euro for a whole month between 2, spending €57 on alcohol. So if you’re a non-smoker you’ll definitely save on that, even though you can buy cigarettes for as little as €0.60c.

No great holiday can be done without a few excursions. In fact we spent a total of €91 on entertainment which included, a happy boat BBQ trip in Don Det which cost 100,000Kip and was one of the top things to do on Don Det, 4000 islands. €25 we spent on waterfall entrances around the Bolaven loop, here's the Bolaven Plateau Loop itinerary and waterfalls in Luang Prabang (here's the things to do in Lunag Prabang) and €8.45 for cave entrance fees around the Thakek loop. €13 for tubing in Vang Vieng among others.

As you can see even though people say Laos is expensive we have still managed to do it on a budget and we're sure you can too.

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