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1 month itinerary Vietnam

We spent 1 month in total in Vietnam, we started from Hanoi and crossed from north to south, ending our trip in Ho Chi Minh City. Here’s a detailed 1 month itinerary for Vietnam.

Day 1: Hanoi

Landed in Hanoi and were transferred to our hostel Funky Jungle which is in a busy area, close to all the clubs, restaurants and also very close to the old quarters and the lake.

Day 2: Hanoi

Today we explore the city of Hanoi and caught a night bus to Sapa.

1 month itinerary in vietnam

Day 3: Sapa

We arrived in Sapa early morning. Met our great home stay host and did some trekking for the day.

Day 4: Sapa

Some more trekking in the morning but due to the bad weather and mist which didn’t allow us to enjoy the area much we decided to leave early and today we caught the complicated and long night bus from Sapa to Cat Ba Island. Here's how to get the complicated Night bus from Sapa to Cat Ba Island.

Day 5-6: Exploring Cat Ba Island

We arrived to Cat Ba Island in the morning and went for a nice walk to explore the area around to the view point. The next day we rented motor bikes and explore the caves, beaches and the National Park. Here's a detailed blog about the Things to do in Cat Ba.

Day 7: Ha Long Bay

Today we took a cruise to Ha Long Bay from Cat Ba which was great and much less busy and touristy then from Ha Long City.

1 month itinerary in vietnam

Day 8: Transfer to Tam Coc

Today from cat Ba we bought tickets to Tam Coc which took us till late afternoon to arrive.

Day 9: Tam Coc Exploring Day

Today we explored around Tam Coc by Motor bike and got the beautiful boat ride to the rice paddies and caves. Later that evening we caught a night bus to Phong Nha.

Day 10: Phong Nha

We arrived to Phong Nha very early morning. We spent the day exploring the town. We got a boat to Phong Nha Cave.

Day 11: Phong Nha’s surroundings

Today we got a motorbike and explored as much as we could. We drove to Dark cave and Paradise Cave. It’s a nice drive. Here's a guide on the best caves to explore in Phong Nha.

Day 12: Phong Nha

We decided to relax and enjoy Phong Nha some more. Got the night bus (at 4am) to Hoi An.

1 month itinerary in vietnam

Day 13: Hoi An

We arrived to Hoi An early afternoon, and located ourselves near An Bang beach area.

Day 14-20: Hoi An

There are so many things to do in Hoi An and it’s such a beautiful place that we decided to rest and stick to one place and this was the perfect place to spend 6 days in. Here's a list of things to do in Hoi An.

Day 21-24: Dalat

We arrived to Dalat by a night bus from Hoi An. We spent 4 days here. It’s a nice city, but nicer when exploring by motorbike its surroundings. Here you can also do canyoning.

Day 25-27: Mui Ne

We got a bus to Mui Ne in the morning and made it to Mui Ne in the afternoon. We spent 2 and a half days here. We explored the sand dunes by motorbike and this beautiful villages coast. Make sure you have an international driving licence here as the police stop everyone and ask for a bribe if you don’t have one.

1 month itinerary in vietnam

Day 28-30: Ho Chi Minh City

On the 28th day we arrived to Ho Chi Minh city in the evening because we got the afternoon bus. Spent the next day exploring the city and checked out the Remnants War Museum which is worth to see.

If you want to do a day tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong Delta this is more than possible plus if you want time to do Phuoc Coc island all you need to do is to reduce the number of days from Hoi An. In our case going to the island wasn’t a priority since we were going to the Philippines after here.

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