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Things to do when in Siquijor | The Philippines

Things to do in Siquijor

Siquijor is one an Island in the Philippines located in the central Visayas region. This pristine island is not visited by many tourists which makes it perfect for you to visit if you want to avoid the crowds. Siquijor is well known for its witch craft and mysteries in fact most Christians locals do not even dare to visit the place. Yet we were intrigued to visit and has in fact made it on our top vacations to go when in the Philippines. Make sure you visit when in the area. Here are the things to do when in Siquijor.

#1 Visit Cambugahay falls

These beautiful waterfalls are one of the best sports on the island. The waterfalls not only offer emerald coloured waters but with a good temperature too and hence are enjoyable to swim in. The waterfalls are free to enter and there is an optional fun tarzan swing which you can pay 50Pesos to use unlimited.

Things to do in Siquijor

#2 Visit Salagdoong Beach

This beach is busy and famous for cliff jumping. It offers two nice tiny beaches and 2 jumping boards of different levels. The sea here is spectacularly blue and is a great fun day at the beach.

Things to do in Siquijor

#3 Swim in the secluded beach of Kagusua

This beach is in a secluded area and is not a busy beach. We visited on a Sunday and there were only about three locals apart from ourselves. It’s a nice beach to relax at if you want the peace and quiet.

Things to do in Siquijor

#4 The Marine Sanctuary

This Sanctuary offers snorkelling at only 25 Pesos, 50 Pesos for the snorkel. Here you can see turtles and a black tip sharks if you are lucky. A guide is recommended to show you the best spots at only 200 Pesos between the group. You can opt to swim out or take a boat for 250 Pesos between the lot. Swimming isn’t recommended since its very shallow to get out and full of sea urchins unless you own a pair of diving booties. Take a life jacket, in case the boat drowns like what happened to us and the currents are super strong out here.

Things to do in Siquijor

#5 Drive around the coast

Rent a bike and drive around the island. It offers beautiful drives along the coast.

Things to do in Siquijor

#6 Drive up the mountains and visit a healer

Even though it is well know for its black magic and mysteries, it's nothing but people who call themselves healers who mix old medicinal remedies and offering you delicious herbal teas. Driving up the mountains to get to the healers is simply beautiful. No tourists but locals, only long windy roads with picturesque views of forest reflecting on the ocean surrounding the island. Once you are up there you can visit Cantabon Cave. Visit a healer in Cantabon, ask around, they are not easy to find. I asked her to heal my sinus, not that she did with her disgusting medicine, prayer and massage but I bought some nice herbal medicine from there too. Be careful ask the price before, ours was free only donation and bought half a kilo of medicine for only 350 Pesos. My other friends went to one who charged 500 Pesos just to get a massage type of heal.

Things to do in Siquijor

#7 San Juan

If you are visiting Siquijor you are most likely to be basing yourself at San Juan. Enjoy a swim there and dine at Baha Bar, it’s got a great vibe, good food and fun entertainment.

#8 Coco Grove beach resort

Apparently they offer deckchairs for only 50 Pesos and they have the best reef around the island. So you can go relax in a resort while enjoying snorkelling at their reef.

Things to do in Siquijor

#9 Visit Apo Island

Siquijor is a step closer to Apo Island and it's a must visit. The only way you can get there is on a licenced tour which can only be bought from Coco Grove resort. You can go diving or snorkelling. Book in advance because they have limited spaces which are first reserved for the guests at the resort. Snorkelling costs 1850 Pesos which includes lunch.

Getting to, out and around Siqijor:

You can catch a ferry to Siquijor from Taglibaran in Bohol, Cebu or Dumaugete.

From Siquijor we opted to go to Cebu near Oslob, but ferries to Dumaugete are also available.

Getting around the island is easy if you just rent a motorbike from the harbour from Green Monkey Bike Rental.

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