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How to get from Boracay to Bohol

Cebu is the base point from which to get to many other islands including Bohol. Flights from Boracay to Cebu City are operated daily, but who wants to stay in Cebu City? There are many other places you can get to from Cebu city but we decided to go to Bohol. Expect a long day to get from Boracay to Bohol, and that includes an internal flight. But here’s how it is done.

How to get from Boracay to Bohol

From Boracay to Caticlan airport.

Catch a shared tricycle to the harbour for only 20 Pesos. (Private tricycle may cost around 100 Pesos). Buy the ferry ticket at only 25 pesos and terminal fee of 50 Pesos. Once at Caticlan, catch a tricycle to the airport for 50 Pesos or opt to walk, its only 8 minutes away on foot.

Catch the flight to Cebu. Note that Cebu flights are scheduled in the afternoon (2.45pm)with Manila flights, so go a bit early as queues to get in the airport might be as long as a 20 minute wait.

How to get from Boracay to Bohol

Taxi in Cebu. Once landed in Cebu get a taxi from the airport to Pier 1. This will cost you around 200 Pesos on the meter.

The Ferry ride. At the Pier terminal you will be in time to catch the OceanJet to Tagbilaran which is scheduled to leave at 5.40pm. The ticket for the ferry is 400 Pesos for the outside seats and 500 Pesos for the air-conditioned seats inside.

Once inside the terminal you need to pay the terminal fee of 25 Pesos each and apart from that big backpacks are not allowed with you so you need to pay another 100 Pesos for your luggage transfer to the ferry. (Later during our travels in the Philippines we realised a notice saying that the luggage fee is voluntarily, so you don’t need to pay it and you can carry it yourself to the ferry and do not let any porters tell you otherwise.) The ferry takes around 2 hours so you will approximately arrive at 8pm.

A ride. Catch a tricycle to take you to a hotel. Your best bet is Nisa Travellers Hotel, it’s cheap, clean and central. Tricyle should only cost 30 Pesos.

How to get from Boracay to Bohol

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