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Best Free Campsites in the USA

Camping through America can be a great experience for those who have a taste for adventure, sightseeing, and exploration.

One can go from waterfalls created by wondering rivers to admiring the majestic beach sites. The activities for this option of traveling can be fishing, hunting, hiking, and meeting many people from around the globe. Not only is this a way to save money, but a way to see the world, cultures, and ways of living through a different set of eyes.

If you are looking for a cheap vacation, check out these amazing free spots to camp in the United States of America.

Fence Point( Grand Canyon)

Near the Grand Canyons North Rim, This spot is perfect for sight seeing and taking home great pictures. This sight of the Rim is a more isolated, perfect for those looking for a quiet night of sleep and only listening to the sound of the forest.

Inside the Kaibab Natural Forest, this open camping campsite has many activities to offer for the whole family.

  • Bicycling

  • Hiking

  • Horse riding

  • Hunting

  • Nature viewing

  • Outdoor learning

  • Picknicking

  • Water activities and much more

Whether you are planning to go with your partner and have a romantic afternoon horse back riding or taking the whole family waterskiing this is a great place for everyone. Open from may 15-dec 11, Fence Point is one of the highest rated places to go camping for free.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.Memorial Parkway

Located in Snake River, only a few miles from the park’s southern entrance, at the heart of Yellowstone, between Grand Tanton and Yellow Stone National Parks.

A 24 000 acre land donated by the late John D. Rockefeller, give thanks for his national parks generosity and foresight in contributing to several national parks. This is a place to camp for free, away from the crowded campsites inside Yellowstone national park, it is very quiet and dog-friendly. No cellular service will be found so expect some peace and quite in front of the water.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.Memorial Parkway offers clean bathrooms, trash receptacles, and bear boxes.

The Yellow Stone National Park offer thousands of miles of trails, you can do activities like skiing, hiking, picnicking, dining and animal sitting with thousands of species of all types. It has one of the biggest calderas in the world, with over 10 000 thermals.

Although there is a fee for the national park, the John D. Rockefeller, Jr.Memorial Parkway is completely free. There is no water on site or grocery stores close by so come prepared.

Padre Island National Seashore

70 miles of beach, next to the golf of Texas, there is campers paradise named Padre Island. Sand dunes, miles of distance between you and the next camper, no need to worry about not getting a camping spot. Padre Island National Seashore is the perfect holiday, no fee campsite.

With activities like windsurfing, tanning and having a good refreshing drink in front of the water, watch the sunset over the golf in awe, PINS is the spot for beach lovers.

They offer amenities like pit toilets, trash cans, and a gift shop.

The bird watching here is always a good way to pass your time watching waterfowls in season, right to bioluminescent seaweed in the winter.

Deadmen Camp Ground

Famous for its views, on the Alaska highway in Lake Yarger. A quiet place with fishing, swimming, and lots of wildlife. Walk through the forest, spot beavers and waterfowls. Have a fire at night under the brilliant clear sky.


  • Boat ramp

  • Fire ring

  • Picnic tables

  • Restrooms

  • Near water

Deadmen campground is open when the snow ends, normally in April and doesn't t require any reservation.

No matter where you decide to go for your next trip, we leave you a list of free places to camp for all ages and tastes.

Always make sure to do a good research on the place for the season you will be camping in, and check if you need a reservation.

Bring clean water and most importantly make sure you enjoy the time with the people you most care about.

There are also companies that do RV shipping for those long cross country trips, if you wish to fly back home or drive the car.

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