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10 Camping Hacks to have more fun and worry less

Ask anyone who loves the great outdoors and they will tell you, camping is one of the best trips you can take but it can also be quite a bit of work to ensure a trip goes smoothly. With these ten great camping hacks, you are sure to spend more time having lots of fun and less time worrying about the stressful things that go along with camping in the great wilderness around you.

Milk Jug Lighting

Using a milk jug to get a little extra light is a super way to brighten the path at night or to have a little extra light around the campsite. All you need to do is strap a headlamp or other lighting source (i.e. flashlight) to the gallon milk jug and you’ll have plenty of light to brighten the night, so you can see around the tents or to guide you as you head to the latrine or down the dark path in the woods at night.

Toilet Paper Coffee Can

When you’re camping, one of the most irritating things is to have your toilet paper get wet or have it fall onto the ground and get dirty. A great way to save that toilet paper and keep it clean and dry for when you need it the most is to place it in an empty coffee canister. Even better, if you plan to camp for several days or longer and need to use the great outdoors as your restroom, you can cut a couple holes on the top and bottom of the coffee canister and string some small rope or string through the center of the paper. Cut a slit in the side of the can and gently pull the paper through the slit when you need to use it. Hang the canister from a tree and you’ll be all set up to go when you need to go!

Tic Tac Spice Boxes

Nobody likes a flavorless burger, but who has the room in their rucksack to pack huge bottles of seasoning when they go camping? Unless you have a nice recreational vehicle with a full kitchen and plenty of space, you need to condense even the smaller items to make room for everything. Tic Tac containers are the perfect size to fill with your favorite spices to take along on the camping trip, and since the containers are so small, you can fit quite a few with you.

Campsite Clothes Washer

Clothing and towels can get pretty grimy when you’re out in the woods. Unless you have a way to build a roofed shelter with a washer and dryer in the middle of the woods, you’re going to have to improvise when it comes to staying clean. If you’re going to be near a river or lake, you can also rinse the mud off in the water, but if you’re not going to be near a water source, or close enough to scamper into town to hit up the local laundry mats, you can improvise by making your own washer. Using a bucket, a toilet plunger and a small amount of soap and water, you can wash your camp clothes by plunging them in the tub and then refilling with clean water to rinse. When finished, just hang them up from a line in the trees, or on a tree branch and let the fresh air dry them out.

Snack Food Fire Starters

Those Hot Cheetos or spicy Doritos you love so much may come in handier with your campfire than the fire they put in your chest all night long. Doritos as well as Cheetos can be used as fire starters or kindling when you need to get a fire going fast, but don’t have the kindling gathered up to get it going!

Kids Mats for Sleeping

Let’s face it, sleeping on ground, whether it is cold or hot outside, can be painful. While it may not be ideal to drag along a heavy air mattress, you may be able to pack a few smaller foam mats like the ones you use in a child’s room. These mats may be thin, but they are surely better than laying directly on a rocky surface.

Deodorant Has More than One Use

Deodorant doesn’t just keep you smelling less stinky when you’re in the woods, but it is also great to treat itchy bug bites. Be sure to use scent free deodorant in the woods as those with scents might attract some of the wildlife you would prefer to avoid while camping.

Fun Bags

The woods are amazing and there is just no greater feeling than sitting back under a tree and watching the wildlife around you. Sometimes however, being in the woods needs a little excitement other than tree watching or gazing at the stars. Before heading out, grab some Ziploc bags and pack cards and other small games that you can enjoy during the camping trip.

Muffin Tin Condiment

Bring along a muffin tin and fill it up with condiments on burger night. This way, the whole family has access to all the condiments at once without having to find the bottles or wait on someone else to finish using them.

Small Minty First Aid Kit

Using an old mint tin to pack a few bandages, some antibacterial ointment and a few alcohol pads is a good idea to be able to take a small first aid kit along on hikes without overloading your back pack. Keep a larger kit at the campsite or in the car, but take the small tin when you plan to take a walk or head to the lake to swim. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can fit inside a mint tin!

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when you make plans to head to the woods for your next camping adventure. Camping can be one of the greatest things you do for fun, and when you can use a few simple hacks to make the trip easier, it’s a good idea to use them.

This article was written by Ross Campbell, from A-1 Auto transport who offer trusted, affordable RV Shipping and Relocation.

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