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A Hotel...35,000 feet in the sky

Once you go B….. you never go back!

You might know what the above B in this saying stands for. I’m not however talking about that in this blog, I am talking about Business.

Once you go Business you never go back…. Damn right you won’t. I just had the most restful and comfortable flight in my entire life on our way to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon with Turkish Airlines. Bear in mind that we went Business since it is our honeymoon, after so many months backpacking we decided to go all out and see what the fuss is. Now I can say that it’s going to be hard getting in the economy seat after this experience, hence the above saying, but only in my case I will have to go back!

Here’s about my experience and all the perks of going Business Class which I divided into getting priority and getting more.

Getting Priority: Forget waiting in Queues. Going Business has perks that starts from the very beginning of stepping in the airport. Checking in has never been easier, no queues what so ever because Business Class have their own lane at the check-in desk.

Being a Business means that you get to enjoy your private space in their airport lounge. You get priority boarding at the Gate so no waiting in queues at the gate. This in turn means that if you have to catch a bus to the airplane you get your own private bus for Business Class clients only, which in turn makes you avoid the waiting time for the bus to get full.

Needless to say that it’s amazing that you get to avoid all the queues in the plane going down and another bus is there waiting for you to take you to the terminal. This helps you to get to the immigration before the rest and avoiding the dreadful queues.

Priority Luggage:

Remember watching the carousel going round and round hoping to catch a glimpse of your luggage. Well with Business its tagged priority so it won’t take too long to get it.

Being a business class client will also mean VIP treatment and they make it very personalised as they call you by your name. It’s quite impressive!

Getting More: Getting more of everything. Getting more food. Getting more quality. Getting more leg space. Getting more comfort. Getting more sleep. Getting more privacy. Whatever you desire when you fly with Turkish in Business Class you get.

a. Getting more food is a plus for those who don’t get full on a normal plane portion. When you are in Business you get a starter too. Not to mention that the quality is better, you are served in a plate unlike in economy which is served in foil dishes.

b. You get better quality comfort packs. We got not just any pouch with the usual things like the sleep masks and tooth brushes, but going there Turkish Airlines provided a Furla one. So yes actually beautiful branded pouches.

c. You get noise cancelling head phones. Hallelujah you can watch a movie without having to hear the person in front of you.

d. The leg space! Omg this is the most impressive part. You get your own cubical with your very own space. The seat has the automated buttons to adjust the seat as you wish and it can go all the way flat down which turns into a bed! It also has a massage button, which makes the seat vibrate to give you a back massage. You get more comfort. They actually make your bed! Seriously you are provided with a quilt and a normal sized pillow, not the travelling type. This gives you all the comfort you need to actually get a good night’s sleep.

e. More space. Yes it’s not just the leg space. It’s more space even when it comes to storage. You get your own storage compartment under the screen where you can store your important things like your handbag and not have to worry that anything will go missing.

So those are the amazing perks that you will get once you fly Business with Turkish Airlines. Of course not to mention that getting to a country has never been so easy, relaxed and as if I have just knocked on the neighbour’s door. Getting your rest while flying is amazing at what it can do at your energy levels. Then again that’s why it’s called Business and definitely makes sense for Business people who are travelling for work for short periods of time as they need all the rest they can get. But it was our honeymoon after all and another bucket list experience checked off the list.

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