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The True Blue Lagoon - Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz is part of a bigger region called Fethiye. We had been driving along the long and windy mountain roads, for roughly 3 hours and suddenly, as if by magic - as we were on top of a steep slope, we saw the Ocean; at bird's eye view!

What we saw, took our breath away, and instantly we knew we'd love this place...

Romy and Luke Desira on a road trip in Turkey

We had been to Turkey multiple times, as we use Turkish Airlines quite frequently and Istanbul, Turkey is their hub. Foolishly we extrapolated our perception of Istanbul throughout Turkey. Whilst driving 900km through Western Turkey, along the Lycian coast, we were pleasantly surprised.

Oludeniz is only a 30 minute drive from Fithye and it's famous for its poster perfect long stretch of beach with a backdrop of beautiful mountains which reflect in the turquoise sea that hug the whole coast.

Romy Desira

Luke Desira

The beach is big enough to handle large crowds and a walk further in takes you to the famous Blue Lagoon, which is a sandbank peninsula which is surrounded by the sea and a National Park where the lagoons waters stand still as it is protected by the island protecting it's entrance.

Oludeniz has also become every adrenaline junkie's dream, because it is most famous for the scenic jump off the mountain among those who Dare to enjoy paragliding over the beautiful Lycian coast line.

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