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guest blog in malta

We are travellers. We love going to see new places, and exploring different cultures and nature. That's why we created Kraze. As travel agents in Malta we want to give the best experience to everyone in Malta. 

We are creating a community of like-minded people whereby we meet up regularly for treks in Malta, which are free. This events are social activities that we are oraganise through which people are making friends. 

Being travel agents, we organise trips to the most exotic countries around the world; all leaving from Malta. Whether it's Asia, South America, Africa, or any other continent for that matter - if the location has buck-list material activities - we're going there! 

We specialise in adventure travel, and as travel agents in Malta we do organise escorted trips, whereby one of our trips managers will join a group of 16 people to various places around the world. But our main vision is to help everyone make their travel dreams come true. That is why we have created Kraze.

And we intend to always strive to achieve that. Now back in 2016, when we quit our jobs to travel before getting married, we travelled for 9 months. In that period, we have created this page - Tag Along Travellers - and we've used it to keep notes about the information that we learn about travelling each particular place that we have visited.


Quickly, this website has become a source of factual information for thousands of people. 


So through our travel blog - which is this site - we will always intent to keep on providing information to fellow travellers - for FREE even though we are travel agents.  As long as they make their travel dreams come true. 


But right now we are not travelling on a full-time basis. And the world is huge. Therefore we'd like to get the contribution of you guys. Fellow travellers. 


Whenever you visit a new place, we'd love for you to create content for our page that we will be using on our blog - Vacation tips. We will be uploading your content to this website. In exchange for this content we will be giving do-follow links for your preferred pages, with anchor text that contains the keyword that you want to target with your website. In other words, we will change your content to be SEO friendly in a way that benefits your page.    

Since our story as Luke & Romy has had a PR impact, we've been featured on a couple of media sites, which has drastically increased our Domain authority - this means that we are in a position to give strong back-links. 

So if you have anything you want to share with the rest of the world,

be it top places  or things to see and do, a country or city we have not covered,

culture or anything travel related you are more than welcome.


Follow the guidelines below and send your articles to

or use the contact form. 


Articles should

  • be in British English

  • be between 600-750 words

  • should not include commercial links

  • have high quality photos attached to the e-mail 

  • include your personal bio so that we can link your site

p.s. should you be visiting a particular country, and you meet some

travel agents in the country you are visit that impress you - let us know.

We are happy to pay an introduction fee should we start working with

the suppler that you have provided us with.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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