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Thai Virgins | 13 Tips to Travel Thailand on a Budget.

For some people money is not an issue, for others travelling on a budget is a must. Either way, no one should spend more than necessary, and let's face it, Thailand is not as cheap as it was 10 years ago!

1) Always haggle on the price! Even when something is ridiculously cheap and you would just buy it if you were in your country! One of the reasons why the prices have increased a lot in recent years is because Thai got used to some well-off travellers or tourists who just pay whatever they are asked to pay. Offer less than half the price and then gradually increase until you reach a compromise and feel that you made a bargain. If a compromise is not reached don't worry the next stall is probably selling the exact same thing!

2) Don't watch Muay Thai in Bangkok when you can watch it in chiang Mai for a quarter of the price, Bangkok is more expensive in general.

3) Renting a motorBike for 150 baht a day is cheaper than going round by tuk tuk who charge approx 40-100+ per trip (depending on how much you know how to haggle)! It's not like you need a licence anyway, all you need is balance and safe driving.

4) If traveling as a couple you can always say it's your honeymoon. All you need is a fake ring. Trust me it works to get discounted excursions and accommodation as well as accommodation upgrades, tried and tested ;)

5) Don't get on a tuk tuk without discussing the price first! A cheaper way to get around is using the red pickup trucks which can hold up to 10 people and they stop along the way to pick up or drop off people.

6) When catching a taxi always ask them to use the taxi meter, if they refuse say no problem, and catch the next one until you find one that will actually use it! You would be surprised to find out it would cost half the price if you had haggled the price, let alone what a fraction it would cost on the first price they propose.

7) If accommodation is not booked and your a walk in, price of accommodation can be haggled upon, if you feel more comfortable having a place waiting for you to stay than book only one night from the website, then say you would like to stay for more days! If you ask you will definitely get a discount (especially if it's your huneyyyymuuun)

8) Most people spend a fortune on hair and body products before traveling to take with them. It's much cheaper buying them from 7/11 in Thailand! Apart from the fact that it's much better to avoid having a heavy back pack!

9) Book your internal flights way in advance, planning can help you save money.

10) In the beginning of your trip one might opt to save money on paying for an extra lugguage with their internal flight. If your traveling light and there's two of you, pay for one and share the space.

11) Ping pong shows in Phuket are free to enter and see, then you just need to buy drinks at their bar, unlike Bangkok where you need to pay at least 1000 baht just entrance fee unless you haggle. So do not take the first opportunity that comes to go see the show, or any other show for that matter! Leave it till you are away from the capital city for better prices.

12) When buying excursions, shop around! Go to the tourist information first and compare the same trips with the ones at the hotel! We found the hotels to be cheaper sometimes. It won't cost time but it will save money.

13) Breakfast is much cheaper when buying it from 7/11, they offer coffee, toast, cereals and yogurts, and what's best than having breakfast on the beach!

Maybe there are more ways to save a dime. send us your insights by commenting below and help others to travel on a budget.

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