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Road Tips & Info you need know before going on a Road Trip in Albania

Doing a road trip in Albania is easy, first of all the people help. Even though they don’t speak much English, however they do their best to help in every way. Secondly, there are many petrol stations and mechanics as well as campsites along the way. You can never end up stranded without fuel, maintenance or a place to stay.

Albania is a cheap country to road trip. There are no highway tolls that you have to pay. Camp sites can be as cheap as €7 per person and fuel is around only €1.18 per litre.

Are Albania's good drivers?

Albanians are not the best drivers in the world. This is because during Communism, only 2000 cars where on the road, mostly by people of the party itself. They made it very hard for them to drive during those times. They made people take a 3 year course to learn how to drive! Wow other people get Degrees in that period of time!

Is it nice to road trip Albania?

The roads in Albania are very scenic, ranging from mountain, river and beach views from the roads. The top roads to drive in Albania are the Llogara Pass, SH8 which passes through the National Park and goes all down the west Adriatic coast of Albania. This offers breath-taking views of the mountain ranges as well as the beautiful Adriatic coast. At a point there is also a panoramic view from which Corfu can be seen.

Do Albanian roads hold traffic?

The highways in Albania all lead to towns. So to get to a particular city or town one needs to pass from other towns which causes traffic. Most roads are one lanes making it hard to overtake which can also cause delays, especially when you’re on their beautiful long and windy mountain roads. Expect many of these, there are no tunnels that pass through the mountains, all the roads go around them.

How good are the roads in Albania?

The roads are not at their best. The towns have many potholes so drive with care. The highways are at an ok level with tarmac, but beware, not all those that look like a high way on Google maps are tarmacked. In particular the SH74, which starts off tarmacked and midway turns into a gravel road which not even a 4x4 would make it till the end. So sometimes taking short cuts is not the best idea.

Are the speed limits realistic?

Speed limits are on the low side in Albania, however they aren't that strict here, and there are no speed cameras. Police are mostly found in towns and sometimes at highway junctions. Having the lights on even during the day is a must.

What are the point of entry in Albania for a road trip?

Albania is highly accessible, it borders with Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Greece. Apart from that there is a 10 hour ferry option from Bari, Italy. This is the entrance we took and if you opt to take this entrance the ferry can cost around €190 excluding the cabin. Cabin options can add up to €80, so if you are on a budget and got your camping gear, we suggest to take your mattress on the ferry’s deck and get a 5 star free accommodation!

Join us on Albania’s beautiful road trip

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