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8 Pros and 1 big Con of Upgrading to Business Class

Travelling in Business Class is a dream life-style shared by many travellers. We are big travellers, and therefore we always book the regular, economy flights when going on vacation. This time round, we had an unexpected turn of events. We were late to check in, and when we arrived, they didn’t have the seats available next to each other. To our surprise, the ground Crew of Turkish Airlines not only to get seats next to each other but to be unexpectedly upgraded us to business class – wow!

We’ve never travelled in Business class so we wanted to share the wonder experience with you all. Here are the benefits of travelling business class:

  1. First and foremost, you get priority check-in as well as priority luggage. This means saving time when checking-in and you don’t have to wait at the carousel waiting for your luggage to show up.

  2. The stewards greet you by your name when they come to order food or drinks. This gives you the special touch of a personalised service.

  3. You are served with a refreshing non-alcoholic drink before take-off.

  4. The seats? Heaven. Wide spacious seats with plenty of legroom & are wide enough to give you to flexibility to find a comfy position whilst in transit. The seat is electronically controlled to adjust the back and leg angle.

  5. You get the nicest pair of headphones, big headphones unlike the tiny ones. You also get the standard Turkish Airline pillow and blanked to help you relax during your flight.

  6. Apart from being served the normal flight menu, you are served with a delicious starter.

  1. You are the first to exit the plane with no waiting time.

  2. To top it all up, a private shuttle for business class passengers only transports you to the terminal, making it painless and no waiting.

Does it make sense to travel business class?

If you are travelling for a short flight, no it doesn’t make sense at all. Travelling business class, makes sense when you have a long painful flight. Travelling in comfort and style can help making the long flight a pleasant one, if you can afford it.

A short flight from Malta to Istanbul which is a 2 hour flight go for €164 for the economy and a shocking €892 for business. That’s more than x5 times as much.

For a longer flight from Malta to Bangkok with a connection in Turkey, the economy price can be about €850, making the estimated €2900 price for the business class more than x3 times as much. But if you can afford it why not? For now we can only enjoy this moment, the one-time we were unexpectedly upgraded to business class for free.

If you are planning your next trip and want to have more information on how to save time & money when going on a vacation, or you want to be in touch with reliable companies that will help you save time and money, check out our resources page.

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