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Travel Resources

Before even considering to being travel agents in Malta, we have travelled to many countries all over the world. The companies mentioned here under have been listed because we have used them ourselves and they have always give us the best prices and services. 



Latam is an American owned company that facilitates travel in both North & South America. We have used them when travelling in South America, however they provide flights to destinations all over the world. 

Jet star allows you to travel within Australia and to neighbouring countries in Asia. A 1- hour flight from Sydney to Melbourne would set you back around $70.

Ryanair is what kick started our never-ending journey of travelling. With flights starting from €30, two way, travelling around Europe was made super cheap. Ryanair are mostly on time, and when the plane lands, they will proudly inform you about their punctuality related statistics.

Turkish Airlines is the emergent International Airline company. They provide cheap flights all around the world, and the on-board entertainment is great. We have been to Istanbul airport multiple times after the Government coup in mid-2016 and it was as safe as ever.

Tour Companies


You can choose the type of accommodation you  are looking for and the price range. The best feature is that you can find by maps according to location and most time you do not have to pay in advance.

Airbnb allow you to sleep at the locals homes, while it's a great way to meet the locals and get cheaper prices, you need to plan in advance to make sure the hosts confirm the booking, unless they have instant booking.

This is a community of people sharing homes (or parts of) for free. It is ethically logical to take the host out for dinner / lunch to show gratitude. It's a great way to hang out with the locals.


We love lonely planet, we're not the type to have a pdf file on our phones, so lonely planet guides give us rough hard copy useful guides for every country.

This website is great fro travellers as you will find everything from transport sharing to second hand gear as well as travel partners.  



This website will give you  the best possible route from point A to point B. Be it by train, ferry or plane this website will give you the cheapest possible way to get around to your final destination.

Is a great website to get a general idea of the flight prices anywhere around the world. What’s great about this tool is that for the destination tab you can choose ‘Everywhere’ and for Month you can choose ‘Flexible’. 

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