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Border crossing Bangkok to Pakse (Laos)- Chong Mek Border

Crossing into Laos from Thailand is easy you have 4 border crossing along the Mekong river, depending on where you want to start your journey in Laos.

I wanted to start the south part and work my way up and thanks to the bus Bangkok -Pakse which has been running since 2012, starting from the south not only made it easy but comfortable.

The bus leaves Bangkok mo chi station. at the north terminal you purchase your ticket at booth 99. Tickets from Bangkok to Pakse cost 900 Bhat. The air conditioned bus leaves at 9pm and takes around 13 hours. It has a small toilet too but breaks are taken during the journey.

So this bus doesn't only stop you at the border of Chong Mek but it goes through! Taking you all the way through the border to Pakse.

Around 8am you are dropped off at the border where you get Thailand visa stamped out.

Visa on arrival laos immigration arrival

From here you walk a few meters outside into Laos. Get to counter 5 to apply for your visa on arrival. You can pay in Bath or Dollar. In Dollar they charged me $31 but here s a list below of all nationalities and their visa prices. (Note that they tend to overcharge when paying in Bhat ). You also need a Passport photo so make sure you have that ready.

visa on arrival laos

List of countries visa on arrival laos

The visa only takes 10 minutes, until you fill in the form and wait for the passport to be stamped.

Here is where you'll find the same bus waiting to continue the last hour journey to Pakse. A beautiful drive through greenery, seeing Lao people's lives and crossing over the Mekong river.

Let's help you make it happen. Make my trip.

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