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Top things to do in Pattaya, Thailand

things to do in Pattaya

Pattaya is a busy city well know for the best night life and lady boys. But there is so much more to that to this incredible city which offers a diverse range of things to do which will well keep you occupied for at least a week or more. Here are the top things to do in Pattaya, Thailand.

#1 Fly through the rain forest like a gibbon

Although not strictly in Pattaya, flight of the gibbon offers ziplining 1 hour out of Pattaya and provides pick up from the city. This activity offers a great fun and adrenaline afternoon away from the craziness of the city right to the rain forest. You will also be treated for lunch and a short trip in the open zoo where it's located. Here is all you need to know about Ziplining in Pattaya.

#2 Walking street

Walking street is the hub of Pattaya for an entertaining evening. From a wide range of restaurants, bars and pubs to Thai Boxing arenas, this is definitely the place to be for a nice cold beer.

things to do in Pattaya walking street

#3 Underwater world

Experience the beautiful wonders of the ocean at underwater world. Here you can get up close and personal with all kinds of fish, sharks, turtles and every other creature found in the underwater world. Enjoy the epic shows and busy feeding times. If you wish you can also dive with the sharks!

underwater world things to do in Pattaya

#4 The Alcazar Cabaret show

It’s one of the top things to do in Pattaya. The Alcazar Cabaret show offers several shows per day giving a great sensational non-stop show, using the most beautiful costumes and a dynamic stage for an unforgettable night. You get to take pictures before or after the show with their beautiful queens too in exchange for a tip.

things to do in Pattaya alcazar cabaret show

#5 Climb up to the temples

Situated between south Pattaya and Jomtien you find two temples on hills.

Wat Phra Yai or better known as the big Buddha is a beautiful temple to visit. And the Good news it's free. It has a long staircase all the way up to this massive gold Buddha which is surrounded by other Buddha statues for different days.

things to do in Pattaya Wat Phra Yai

Wat Khao Phra Bat has nothing special to look at, the temple is nothing extraordinary however it is located on the best spot to admire the views over the beach and Pattaya city.

#6 Koh Larn

Enjoy a day trip to Koh Larn only 7km off Pattaya s shore. You have a number of beaches to choose from to enjoy the tranquil sea here. Boats cost 30 bhat on a big boat but may vary up 400 bhat for a private speed boat.

things to do in Pattaya Koh Larn

#7 Khao Chi Chan Buddha

This massive golden Buddha engraving is outside of Pattaya and is definitely worth visiting. This Buddha is engraved on a big limestone hill and is said to be the largest Buddha engraving in the world.

things to do in Pattaya Khao Chi Chan buddha

#8 Shop till you drop

Central shopping festival is a massive shopping mall on the beach front on ... street. No cheap stalls are found here but This important shopping mall has high designer stores including CK, Armani for cheaper prices.

things to do in Pattaya

#9 Spend a full day at Jomtien

Jomtien doesn't only offer a long beautiful calm beach on the contrary to the rough beach in Pattaya. It offer a great sunset. Here you can play free beach volleyball and do any type of water sports. After the beautiful pink sunset stroll around the Jomtien night market to grab a bargain on clothes or simple enjoy a cheap meal. Whether is seafood, meat, vegetarian or sweets they have it all.

things to do in Pattaya

#10 Sanctuary of truth

This impressive wooden temple lies on the ocean’s edge and is a beautiful spot to see the views while admiring the wooden carved sculptures on this 105 meter high building.

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